23 July 2009

"I had no idea what racism was..."

"...until I came to Canada."

Since the incident, Phipps said he has trouble sleeping and has lost weight, affecting his other job as a personal trainer. Medication to help him sleep has damaged his eyesight. He is "teased mercilessly" by co-workers, and his wife and parents fear repercussions from the police.

Phipps, 44, is asking for a financial award in the case; he won't say how much.

"Neo, this isn't about what experiences of racism my children have or have not experienced but ensuring their rights are not violated solely because of the colour of their skin.
Hmmm, so Kate... "You had no idea what racism was until..."
"Apparently he now gets stopped by the police when he leaves the house to walk to work in the early hours of the morning. It doesn’t happen every time, but often enough, that I am now seriously considering following him with my camera."
Perhaps Mr Phipps should get his mummy to follow him around everywhere as well, huh?

I've gotta confess though Kate, you lost me at...
"The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario handed down a judgement on a case and I couldn’t be happier or more pleased."
Just a suggestion... you might wanna read "Shakedown"... by Ezra Levant.


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Anonymous said...

So basically, Police will no longer bother to protect Blacks from other Blacks that choose a life of crime in a mainly Black area like Jane&Finch.
Keep this in mind when one of those Filthy-Rich Black Lawyers has his Benz stolen by two black punks and the Police didn't stop the Benz because it's not Illegal to be "Driving while Black" .

I expect there to be a New cry of Racism that the Police are Allowing crime when it's non-whites
comitting it as if that's normal and we need to lower the bar for the Standards expected from Minorities.

Philanthropist said...

If the police can't check out suspicious activity in the Bridle Path area then they should just stop policing that area, The Toronto Star will protect it.

Philanthropist said...

If 'racism' bothers him so much now, and there is no racism in Jamaica, surely he'll be hopping on the next plane to Jamaica?

Kateland, aka TZH said...

Let me see if I understand you – your actually suggesting a mailman in a Canada Post uniform, carrying 2 bags of mail, and delivering said mail should now be reasonably considered evidence of suspicious activity by the police.. as long as he's black.

Instead of trying to demonized Phipps; why don't you get the frack out of my country. Trust me, your not wanted here nor will you be happy here as postal carriers come in all colours and gender and there is not a damn thing you can do to change it. That ship left, too bad you weren't on it.

And Neo what exactly is your problem? Does it offend you to find a Canadian-Jamaican man who actual earns an honest and decent living in Toronto? Is it the fact that the man is unduly harassed and humiliated by an police officer because he is black and man uses the law to see redress for an injustice? What should he do – put up, shut-up and take whatever crap a racist cop dishes out without complaint?

Neo Conservative said...

"kateland says... And Neo what exactly is your problem?"

lemme see... which of the sentences quoted verbatim from the toronto star offends you most?

here... let me go first... "Phipps, 44, is asking for a financial award in the case; he won't say how much." it was tough though... i almost went with the "teased mercilessly" thing.

your turn.

i'll be the first to admit kate... i have no idea how much racial shit your kids might have had to put up with over the years... but are you sure you wanna die on this particular hill?


Rural and Right said...

Asking for a finacial award offends me most. Seems he is collecting his finacial award as he is off work for 'stress leave'. All those sleepless nights for being asked for identification *gasp*

And Kate either you are a Canadian or you are not ... get over this hyphenated bullshit ... I don't call myself an English-Scottish-Ojibway-Canadian now do I.

Neo Conservative said...

this guy says... "I had no idea what racism was until I came to Canada."

now that really burns my ass.

this guy, coming from a country with one of the highest per-capita murder rates in the world... can look around the globe and honestly say that "canada is a racist shithole".. and further... that he deserves a big payoff for his hurt feelings.

sorry, pal... no sale.


Anonymous said...

Well if Canada is so awful catch the next plane home to wherever you came from. I'm certain that Canada will be able to survive your need to leave the Canadian gravy train.

Kateland, aka TZH said...

So Rural & Wrong seeking financial redress through the justice system when your rights have been violated offends you. Obviously, you are not a big fan of civil law but what do you offer as a viable alternative when your rights have been violated? I suggest you read the article again and this time slowly – Phipps, the compliant, is not on leave but the Constable Shaw who violated Phipps' rights is. Probably with pay too – stew on that instead. This is Canada and the beauty of Canada is you can call yourself whatever you want to. Me, I prefer to call you something which begins with 'arse' and ends in 'hole.

Neo – Phipps family left Jamaica in 1975 so I suggest you check the murder statistics for 1975 because Jamaica was not then the 'murder-capital' of the world. Nor do I find it such a stretch of imagination for Phipps, as a black male, in a predominantly black society not to have experienced racial prejudice simply because he was a black male before he came to Canada - a predominately white colour circa 1975. Furthermore, he didn't say 'Canada was a racist shit hole' – those are your words and not his – stop projecting.

Finally, he is not being awarded anything for 'hurt feelings' if his legal rights were not violated. There would simply be no actionable or financial consequences if his legal rights were not violated in the first place – and violated by a man who undertook a legal oath to uphold the law and not to subvert it.

Neo, this isn't about what experiences of racism my children have or have not experienced but ensuring their rights are not violated solely because of the colour of their skin by a police officer whose salary is paid for out of my pocket. Is this such an unreasonable thing for a mother to want for her children?

Neo, you and buddies are pissing on the wrong hill. Phipps isn't the problem but the Constable was/is. I am not saying all Police Officers are racist but obviously this Constable has a problem. I would have thought any sane reasonable person would want this kind of a police officer off the force – pronto – rather then spend time justifying the unconscionable. My bad.

langmann said...

I fail to see the big deal. I myself have been stopped by the police while driving early in the morning (on account of my job).

I am sure what they are doing is checking to see if I am drunk or perhaps driving a stolen vehicle.

Either way they follow me for a while, then pull me over, ask for ID, check their computer and then usually say have a nice evening.

So far I haven't seen the need to register a complaint at the Human Rights Tribunal.

Sorry Kateland, I just don't see your point.

Now had this guy been arrested without reason, beat up, called racial names, or anything like that then I could see his "sleeping problem."

What it really sounds like is that he's getting teased at work and cannot deal with that. If his union or supervisors were any good perhaps they would do something about that.

Neo Conservative said...

kate... help me out here.

you really think the same folks who were persecuting ezra levant... the same folks who are apparently at the beck and call of serial complainant richard "lucy" warman... are the appropriate body to be handling this?

no rules of evidence, no proper procedure... and you feel confident that justice is being served here?

let mr phipps take his complaint through the same channels that joe lunchbucket has to navigate... instead of taking what appears to be a race-based treasure hunt to a bogus kangaroo court that has already been so thoroughly discredited.

he can't sleep? he's being teased? for gawd's sake... be a freakin' adult.

i recently had a run-in with a female police officer who possessed the temperament, personality and physical presence of a female rhinocerous. she was apparently on the verge of running me in for questioning her judgement.

was she discriminating against me because i was a man? was she taking out her anger because she didn't have a date for the prom?

here's what i did... i accepted the fact that there are a certain number of assholes in any endeavour... and occasionally you rub up against them.

do i deserve financial redress for that?

sorry, kate... if this guy's got a legitimate beef against this cop, (and you're only hearing his side of things) he needs to take it to the civilian complaints commission.

but there's no pot of gold at the end of that rainbow... is there?

and again, this guy says... "I had no idea what racism was until I came to Canada."

is that how you see canada, kate? why would anyone choose to live here if that's how they actually felt?

wake up and smell the opportunist.


Anonymous said...

If he finds Canada so terrible he is welcome to leave.

Neo Conservative said...

one final thought... it's always nice to consider both sides of any argument...

"There was a lot of yelling, there was references to my mother, something you wouldn't expect from anybody that should be grateful that you were there investigating a report of a crime in progress, let alone a Harvard University professor."


Rural and Right said...

If his legal rights were truly violated why didn't he go to the real police and a real court instead of the pathetic 'hurt feelings' star chamber of thought police.

Kate, I find that the only reason some one attacks me personally is because they can't put up a reasonable argument so they bypass the message and attack the messenger.

If the sleepless Jamacan-Canadian mail-person has such a big problem with what he feels is racism in Canada he is free to go back to being a Jamacan, and perhaps he can get some sleep there.

Rose said...

I hope they appeal it to the Supreme Court, who recently rendered a ruling that it is perfectly legal to stop and ask people questions even if it is deemed limited "Custody" i.e. they take more than a moment of your time. Ergo there is a statatory ruling on the books that supercedes the Fake Human Rights laws and this decision.

Also what section did he file a complaint under? He wasn't employed by the police ergo that section isn't applicable and the officer did not go online so Section13 isn't applicable so on what basis did they accept this complaint?

I was raised to repect the police, if they stop me and ask questions I"m happy to answer their inguiries and aide them in anyway I can. In my opinion these kind of meritless cases will have a dangerous effect on racial and ethnic enclaves, eventually, like England, the cops won't bother going into high risk neighbourhoods because they'll be to scared to do their jobs less they offend and end up at some marxist HRC being persecuted for doing their jobs.

What's wrong with racial profiling? If their is a seriel rapest on the lose should the publc not be warned of his skin color? Jesus wept I'm so sick of the professional race hustlers and shakedown artist in this country, they seem to have total control of our government institutions like the HRCs.

I smell money, to me that's what these complaints are always about MONEY.

Rural and Right said...

I guess kate needed more room to put a reply up ... in a space that wasn't filled with those pessky opposing opinions filled with that thing called 'truth', that the OHRT despises.


I would really like to know what law the police officer broke ... you know real laws ... not the ones that the pseudo-cOHRT makes up on the fly.

But hey the OHRT has to keep that one hundred percent conviction rate any way they can.

Neo Conservative said...

"r&r says... I guess kate needed more room to put a reply up"

and that's exactly as it should be... unless, of course... "lucy" warman and the human rights star chamber say different, huh?


Philanthropist said...

'Kateland' infers the worst about people - on the basis of their skin colour. She is a racist.

Neo Conservative said...

"phil says... 'Kateland' infers the worst about people - on the basis of their skin colour. She is a racist."

well, at minimum... perhaps the folks who really want to champion this cause... ought to pick their shots just a little more carefully.

because, the fact is... president mcdreamy just threw a big, fat airball... and took a huge hit to his "president of all the people" credentials.