17 July 2009

Puh-leese... no more legal bullshit

If you can get out in five years... in what way, shape or form... is this a life sentence?

"Is that what your child's life is worth?"


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...not enough basketball courts makes for bloody homicides theory...

"Aggravating matters, gangs have arrived at an area with no community centre and few social services, and experts on crime say that gangs thrive in a place where young men have nothing else to do."
Nothing else to do... but kill people?

Thank you Josh Wingrove.



Brrr said...

It really is time for a push for truth in sentencing. We need judges to give out sentences that are the actual time that the person will serve.

Neo Conservative said...

lawyers... they're all about misdirection. no wonder so many of them end up in politics.

if it's 5 years and out... just say that.

don't try to play me with this "life sentence" malarkey.


Philanthropist said...

She should hang from the neck until dead.