29 July 2009


...I'm shocked...**********

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The new total of $15.3 million is spread among 26 sole-sourced contracts, meaning the agency never sought another bidder.

Approximately $13 million was paid out on the contracts.

Such contracts were issued in part because eHealth was told to get moving on its mandate. Its predecessor, the Smart Systems for Health Agency, burned through $650 million over five years with little to show for its efforts.
This burns my ass. After moving out to Hastings County it took us six years to get a family doctor.
"This is scandalous," Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak told CTV Toronto.

"At a time when you can't get a loved one into a long-term care home, when you have to wait for an MRI, to see the McGuinty government handing out untendered contracts to Liberally-connected consulting firms is absolutely outrageous."


Rich said...

And I thought ad-scam was sleazy....this is as low as people can go; using a funeral service for partisan gain.
Not to mention the alleged collusion of the paper's bigwigs.
A few 'barbs' are in order here too!

tao_taier said...

They pull stunts like that al the time.
Increasingly since leaving government.

They're try and stoop to anything to get back into power.

It's never limited to closet liberal party supporters or papers/pundits with left wing bias... but stuff like this can come directly from prominent MP's like Ralph Goodale back when he purposely misquoted the PM during and after question period to make it appear that Harper was gonna "raise taxes".

Watch Question Period for May 26, 2009, Off CPAC.ca

Thats the same QP that Iffy was saying that not enough people were collecting E.I.... HA!
Not according to statscan for that month.

Now they're pointing at the result as if its a failure of this government.... wait a minute... its the exact result they were asking for.

Seems like the E.I. won't be needed any drastic or radical changes after all.

Poor Iffy, if only he even knew, ahead of drawing that line in the sand and nearly bringing us to the brink of a very needless summer election.

syncrodox said...


This gets better and better by the minute. Katsmeat, BCL and a few other libbloggers are floating a theory that the PMO applied political pressure on the hapless Irving clan to offer the apology or else they will be losing out big time on future ship building contracts!

This represents a conspiracy theory so convoluted that the Birthers and 911 Troofers look positively brilliant in comparison.

Meanwhile over at Kady O Malley's ITQ blog the lib operatives are furiously posting various versions of the original, inconclusive wafer gate video as if multiple viewings of the same video clip somehow proves Harper's purported blasphemous behavior.

Those posting the video have cleverly signed in as both Stephen Harper and Stockwell Day.

Can Barney the Purple Dinosaur be far behind?



JA Goneaux said...

Well, Kinsella is just squinking (i.e., from squid ink). He knows that very soon, McGuinty's Liberals are going to get caught in the e-Health Ontario ringer:


"The value of untendered contracts handed out by eHealth Ontario is nearly double what was previously reported, with the opposition parties expressing concerns today that the bulk of the work went to a firm with ties to the Liberal government."

And just wondering: what if a non-Christian had done what Harper did? I mean, would the left be all over a Jew, Hindu or Moslem if, not knowing what to do, did what Harper did?

Neo Conservative said...

"rich says... using a funeral service for partisan gain"

kinda says it all, huh?


Rose said...

The liberal Party must of lost it's newly found moral compass again, according to the loony left Heritage Canada played a role in the boondoggle or something akin. Gawd those liberals get dumber everyday, they get caught fabricating the news and Iggy has been mute he'll wear this boondoggle big time even liberals are horrified at the level of sleeze the war room has sunk to.

I watched the video, he did not put the waffer in his pocket. He place it in his open palm thumb down and walked away and slid the funeral mass agenda into his hand over the waffer. Case closed, he didn't do anything wrong.

kursk said...

Liberals are chronic liars who steal your money when in power.