25 July 2009

It ain't a pretty sight when a...

...Harvard professor gets "all medieval on yo' ass"...

Gates, 58, a world-renowned scholar and documentary filmmaker on black history, allegedly ranted to police at his Ware Street home, “This is what happens to black men in America!” and “You don’t know who you’re messing with!” in addition to verbally dragging Crowley’s mother into the fray.
Hmmm... perhaps channeling Tupac Shakur wasn't the best option here after all...
Curiously... it appears as though Mr. Gates isn't too keen to have those audio tapes made public...
"My entire academic career has been based on improving race relations, not exacerbating them," Gates said in an email, adding: "It is time for all of us to move on, and to assess what we can learn from this experience."

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A black president, a black governor and a black mayor all agree with a black Harvard professor that he was racially profiled by a white-Latino-black police team, headed by a cop who teaches courses in how to avoid racial profiling.

The boundless elasticity of such endemic racism suggests that the "post-racial America" will be living with blowhard grievance-mongers like professor Gates unto the end of time.


Patsplace said...

The racial tension created by this incident is not accidental, in my opinion. Gates lives for it and so does the Empty Suit. What else can you call it when it's where he lived, went to church and even his name that he changed from Barry to Barak, all point to the living in the past racial tension.

It's not an accident that he said what he said, he did it automatically because in his heart of hearts, he's a racist.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing also distracts attention away from "The One's" health care and crap and trade scams.
Funny how that works..
Rob C

Neo Conservative said...

i suspect president mcdreamy is starting to believe his own press clippings and simply overplayed his hand.

perhaps he figured if he dealt out the race card, he could whip up a little liberal white guilt and maybe push his healthcare strategy through.

thing is... he should have chosen a better model for this gambit. after gates "yo-mamma'd" the cops... this one headed straight for the crapper.

i still wanna hear that audio.


Anonymous said...

A very similar scenario happened to me about six months ago. My girlfriend swung by my place when I got caught at work, and on my instruction, got into the house via a back window. As I was on my way home I got a call --the cops were at my door. My neighbor, a retired fellow, called the cops. Everything was smoothed out in a matter of minutes, when I established who I was, what happened, etc. Afterwards I took a bottle of Grappa over to my neighbor (he's Italian), said thank-you, and introduced him to my girlfriend.

What I didn't do was start a screaming match with the police.

Have you ever noticed that the sort of people that have the most issues with the police are always the people that are rude? It never dawns on them to address the officer as 'Sir or Ma'am,' be respectful, and calmly & reasonably explain the situation.

langmann said...

Neo, we caucasians are constantly being told how we are racists, even though even way back when, the vast majority were not, and many of us have died to stop the horrible end-points of racism.

That doesn't appear to be enough. A while ago, in medical school, we were told by some progressive instructor they found, that racism exists and that even those of us who were caucasian denied being racist, we were informed that we were racist even though we didn't know it. It's an industry.

In the case of this police officer who was attacked by the entire establishment, the only race profilers on scene appear to be the professor and the president.

Anonymous said...

They should have just tazered his arse a few times before arresting him, then at least he might of had real reason to complain about.

Then maybe Oblamo might have correct

Philanthropist said...

His neighbours are 'racial profilers', the cop just showed up at a break-in.

syncrodox said...


This whole fucking "learning moment" meme that both Barry and Gates are burbling is typical leftard bullshit.

When caught with their rhetorical racist pants around their ankles they grasp at quasi-psychological baffle gab to "tamp down" the "mis-calibration".

Reminds me of Clinton and his non-sexual blowjob.

I, too, would love to hear those tapes.


Frances said...

Soooo - being friends with the President means you can be as rude and as arrogant as you please without consequences?? Real friends would go out of their way to ensure their behaviour in no sense reflected badly on their eminent bud.

Rose said...

I had a whack job show up at my house one day posing as a Priest, he wanted to bless my house. Well I asked him a few question about his Parish that he couldn't answer finally he let it slip where he lived. Alas he lived in a small option home for people recently released from the psycho ward for ciminals. I told him to be on his way, a while later my paper girl showed up histerical with baby sister (nine years old) well said imposter forced his way into the house and the child was alone and he started touching her and he only stopped because the sister showed up and he fled. I called the cops and he was arrested. The moral of the story, just because he said he lived there didn't mean he did and the police are legally obligated to follow through on a complaint.

maryT said...

I think the police should have said, this is how blacks treat white police in America. Blacks have racially profiled all whites as racist. Sorry, it wont work anymore. I think the blacks are turning more people against them than ever before. Personally, I wonder where all the black experts come from since last Nov.
Harvard better start doing a better job of appointing professors,or screening students, seems a lot of them black and white are not up to the job after they leave that place.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... Real friends would go out of their way to ensure their behaviour in no sense reflected badly on their eminent bud."

you mean... like reverend jeremiah wright?

i'm afraid that there's a sense of entitlement here that over-rides common sense. what obama seems to have forgotten, yet again, is that he's the president of ALL the the people.

my guess is, president mcdreamy's gonna have to wear this one for a very long time.