23 July 2009

Meanwhile... @sympatico.msn...

...another fuzzy-bunny poll goes horribly wrong...

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Ontario's opposition parties were fuming Wednesday after the Liberal government quietly dropped a promised independent review of scandal-plagued eHealth Ontario.

EHealth Ontario first came under scrutiny last week for nearly $5 million doled out in untendered contracts, with more than half questioned over personal ties to company executives.

The government had said PriceWaterhouseCoopers would look into procurement practices at the provincial agency, which is working to create electronic health records for Ontario residents.

The Auditor General's report is not due until September, while the PriceWaterhouseCoopers report was supposed to be released earlier.
It's why we call him "McSlippery."



robins111 said...

Now that's just gotta hurt old Iggy.

do yah thing Catsmeat is breaking out in hives just about now?

syncrodox said...

Katsmeat is too busy googling his bad ass self to even notice.


Philanthropist said...

Corrupt Liberal criminals might hate 'capitalists' who want their businesses to succeed, but Liberals don't mind stealing 'profits' from taxpayers.

Liberal voters are nasty, why do they keep screwing over the rest of us?