24 July 2009

"Here is the mosaic..."

"...where, as a friend reminded me yesterday, years ago Greeks celebrated when Greece beat Canada at basketball, where this spring, protesting Tamils blocked a street full of hospitals in Toronto to criticize our country, where a couple of years ago, Toronto Police bragged of not uttering 'the M word' (Muslim) at a press conference held to announce the arrests of a group of young Muslim-Canadian men charged in a terror plot."

"'Here is the clash that the great Canadian tolerance is faced with,' my friend wrote. 'Here we tolerate a partial and some would say a negligible assimilation or even acceptance of our Canadian norms, beliefs, fundamental principles.'"


Philanthropist said...

Even the word 'mosaic' implies that there's some connection to different things, but except for living in the same geographic area and paying taxes to the same governing organizations, we don't even have that in Canada - it's just a marketing slogan anyhow, not a fixture of any kind of Canadian 'identity'.

We pay people in Canada to retain the attributes of their inferior cultures that caused them to leave their homes in the first place, and some of our politicians along with their 'community leaders' exploit feel-good sentiments for money and power.

Are their cultures inferior? Well, millions of people voted with their feet, and the results are in: Yes.

Neo Conservative said...

"phil says... Are their cultures inferior? Well, millions of people voted with their feet, and the results are in: Yes."

a deliberately provocative and undeniably insulting way to put it... but yes... essentially the truth.

i have to presume folks choose to uproot themselves from their native lands and emigrate to other countries because they believe it will improve their lives.

that's certainly what my parents were thinking when they got on the boat in the 1950's and left all their family and friends in glasgow.

and despite all my complaints about life here in canada... there isn't a day passes when i don't acknowledge how immeasurably better off i am here... than back in scotland.