17 July 2009

Bright lights, big city...

...reach for the sky, podnuh....

-- SCARBOROUGH -- A 22-year-old man was riddled with bullets in what is believed to be an attempted robbery as he sat in a car at a Malvern townhouse complex late last night.

But despite being shot as many as six times in the arms, chest and face, the victim is expected to survive.
Mayor's office... yet again... strangely silent on which gun club the shooters belonged to.


UPDATE: Be careful what you wish for...
A 22-year-old Markham man may have been trying to buy a gun when he was riddled with bullets as he sat in a car at a Malvern townhouse complex Wednesday night.

The victim, his brother and a friend were sitting in a Honda Accord in the visitor's parking lot at 50 Empringham Dr. -- a notoriously dangerous townhouse complex near Sewells Rd. and McLevin Ave. -- when they were suddenly surrounded by between seven and 10 men on foot, at least one of whom opened fire just after 10 p.m., police say.

Police sources allege the three drove south from York Region to the troubled neighbourhood in the northeast corner of Scarborough in the hopes of purchasing an illegal handgun.


Anonymous said...

I suspect it may have been the Malvern Gang Gun Club or perhaps the Galloway Boys Gun Club, or I suppose it could be any one of the dozens of gang-based Gun Clubs our city doesn't quite know what to do with.

Perhaps Mayor Miller should direct the city strikers to picket the city gangs rather than the law-abiding citizens of Toronto. They could hold up all robberies, drive-by shootings, drug deals, etc. for 15 minutes prior to allowing them to conduct their business. Maybe by then the police will arrive.

Anonymous said...

Neo, the following might be interesting to you: