31 July 2009

Where there's smoke...

...there's government...

The city of Montreal will be forced to go before Quebec Superior Court to defend its recent ban on the installation of new wood-burning stoves after a lawsuit was filed against the city last Thursday.

The lawsuit is being filed by the Association des professionnels du chauffage, which represents 225 Quebec businesses that make, distribute, sell and maintain wood-burning stoves and related products, and Montreal residents Ghyslain BĂ©langer and Jose Canelho, who want to install or modify wood-burning stoves in their homes.

"If Montreal bans wood stoves, what's gonna happen during the next inevitable ice storm?"


Anonymous said...

Well, I've always said that if (when?) they start taxing oil for people's furnaces to get rid of that nasty carbon burning...my folks will just burn more wood. Its cheaper already...add a tax to something, and its an even better deal.

jwkozak91 said...

If Montreal bans wood stoves, what's gonna happen during the next inevitable ice storm?

Neo Conservative said...

well, with the ontario liberals shitcanning new power generation here... it's gonna be interesting.

my advice... buy a generator before the inevitable rush.


Dave Hodson said...

Oh God, I hope this doesn't give Dalton 'the ban man' McGuinty any new ideas. He'll want to up the ante and ban all wood burning stoves, new one and old. Actually, old Dalton might be a little ticked off that someone else came up with this idea first.

Neo Conservative said...

here at "the halls", we heat exclusively (there's an electric furnace for backup) with wood.

our stove has a catalytic converter that reburns particulate matter at 1200 degrees... cleaning up emissions and generating extra heat.

let premier mcslippery fulfill his promise to shut down the filthy coal-burning power plants before he starts picking on my woodstove.


SaveR said...

It's only a matter of time til mcguinty bans wood stoves. He will do it "for the environment", but I believe the real reason wood stoves will be banned is because the fuel can't be taxed reliably.

I love my wood stove, I can buy enough fuel for a season for $400. It provides heat to my whole house. In the case of power supply interruptions i can cook on it as well. A wood stove, to me, means freedom FROM government and their tentacles. In modern Canada we can't have THAT now, can we?

SaveR said...

Further to my post above.......If the government truly wanted to improve air quality they'd allow the sale of the PHILL, made by fuelmaker right here in Ontario. The PHILL is a natural gas refueling appliance that is installed in your garage for a natural gas fueled car. It is legal in France, California, basically everywhere but where it is made! Why is this you ask? For the simple reason of taxation! See, home heating fuel is taxed at a lesser rate (and is frequently capped by governments for political gain) than the tax rates for automotive fuels.

Fuelmaker figures that you could fuel a natural gas vehicle from your home gas supply for mere pennies/ litre versus Dino fuel. Think of the cost to governments in lost tax revenue! Considering that a natural gas vehicle is the next best thing to being emissions free wouldn't something like this be a huge environmental boon?

It's inconsistent policies like this that make me think the government is a pack of hypocritical scumbags.