25 July 2009

We're not talkin' brain surgery here

Paging David Miller... call up Waste Management and get them to give you a quote.

It's not like they'll have trouble finding people who can throw stuff onto the back of a truck for 20 bucks an hour.

-- TORONTO -- “I am a patient man, but I am close to the end of my rope,” said Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 416 president Mark Ferguson, representing outside workers.

“A few minutes ago I told the city negotiators that time is running out. We must have a settlement by midnight Sunday, or we are finished.”
Okay Mark... that could work.



Philanthropist said...

Privatization should be the first order of business for the next Mayor of Toronto. Creating greater unemployment through high taxation for a few greedy CUPE workers isn't fair to the unemployed.

Anonymous said...

Sid Ryan should run for mayor - he owns Toronto anyways. Why go for Miller lite when you can can get the real thing. Fire them all and start over with private contractors. Cheers, Fern StAlbert

Neo Conservative said...

much like the post office... no special skills required to do this job... the perfect place to try out privatisation.