23 July 2009

Nursing home for Liberal bagmen...

...yet again siding with career criminals...

"I have been calling on Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff to do something this summer about the holdup we have in the Canadian Senate.

I had a hard enough time getting that bill through the House of Commons and then when it got to the Senate at the beginning of June, we found it impossible to even get them to debate it," Nicholson said.
But don't try to get a soundbite from Iggy... he's M.I.A.
I have no idea what Michael Ignatieff is up to.

I note that Susan Delacourt reported the other day that he is demanding his staff work harder, which is the classic response of losers who have no idea what their staff does or is supposed to be doing, but perhaps that’s too harsh.


Philanthropist said...

Corrupt Liberal criminals want to allow their partners-in-crime to get away with it too, it's like a prison code but in Canada they're on the loose so they can all keep committing crimes. Disgusting. Liberals do not care about victims of crime.