23 July 2009

Junkie thugs riot... one commits suicide...

...and apparently the Warden is sad...

A massive probe into the shocking uprising and riot at Warkworth Institution that left one inmate dead and 13 others in hospital will commence immediately.

A sad Assistant Warden Ann Anderson confirmed this last night -- as well as how the inmate is believed to have died: the result of a drug overdose.

Nine of the 13 recovering in a Campbellford hospital are believed to have overdosed, too. The frightening fact that more than 200 prisoners would be able to gain access to the health-care centre and pillage its supply of narcotics will be looked at closely.
Perhaps Assistant Warden Ann Anderson should be considering a career change to something more suited to her temperament, say... a daycare centre.

A friend of mine who used to work at Warkworth offered his thoughts...
"For years there was speculation about a riot at the Pen, but it never happened. It's usually a quiet place and the shit disturbers are either 'tuned up' by the peace makers, or are shipped out to Kingston Pen or Millhaven."

"I guess the only way to stop this kind of incident is to start shooting and then ask questions after. If this had happened the riot would have been over in about 30 seconds."

"How they broke into the infirmary is a mystery. It's hard enough for staff to get in there legally during regular working hours."

Incarceration & Recidivism
"I agree that something should be done. I would not, however, begin with the justice system. That's a sympton, not a cause."

"It's like saying there are too many cancer patients, so we're going to cut back on chemotherapy."


Philanthropist said...

Nice try but no one in their right mind would allow the managing Executives of Corrections Canada to run a Day Care centre!