31 July 2009

An upside-down world

What is society going to do for Stephanie Rengel's family?

-- TORONTO -- "It's almost like she hit the jackpot," said Joe Wamback, president and founder of the Canadian Crime Victim Foundation.

"She's not going into the women's pen but a youth facility. She will have her education paid for, just like Karla Homolka did, and she will have free medical and free dental -- all paid for by society. What is society going to do for the Rengel family?"

Nothing. In fact, as taxpayers they'll help pay for the salvaging of their daughter's killer.
It's a legal system... not a justice system.


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-- TORONTO -- Antriksh Singh, 19, who was finishing high school, is charged with first-degree murder and was remanded in custody for a video hearing Aug. 6. Singh, in an orange prison jumper and sporting a thin beard and a mustache, was arrested Wednesday. He is known to police and had been arrested in March for assault and robbery.

Co-accused Vikas Dahiya, 21, of Toronto, a door-to-door energy salesman who was arrested for first-degree murder Tuesday, was earlier remanded in custody until Aug. 6.

LAST WORD: One for the good guys...
-- GEORGIA -- An Alpharetta man who for 12 years successfully dodged a Canadian warrant for attempted murder — despite eight arrests tied to a legal Florida driver's license — was nabbed July 29.

Thomas is now in Fulton County Jail awaiting extradition to Toronto by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


jwkozak91 said...

Would you buy hydro or natural gas from a guy - out on bail - charged with murder 1?

Didn't think so.