24 July 2009

Mayor's office, yet again...

...strangely silent on which gun club the shooters belonged to...

Bullets flew in Lawrence Heights again yesterday afternoon as gun-toting thugs shot up a house just steps away from where a man was badly wounded in a broad daylight shooting eight days earlier.

But Toronto Police say they don't believe the two shootings are connected.

Officers flooded the area around the home at 47 Flemington Rd. -- northeast of Dufferin St. and Lawrence Ave. W. -- after the 2 p.m. shooting and found the boulevard and street out front littered with empty shell casings.

On July 15, a gunman fired as many as 20 shots at a 38-year-old as he rode a bike through the neighbourhood.


NorthWestTory said...

It seems strange that two daytime shootings in the same area are not connected.

Philanthropist said...

The situation is even worse than one would imagine if these shootings are not connected, completely different groups of people just happen to be shooting up the streets on a regular basis?


That's Mayor Miller's Toronto - combined with the stench of garbage of course.

I guess the connection thing doesn't make much difference one way or another, criminals can do what they want in Toronto, residents don't mind.

Neo Conservative said...

"nwt says... two daytime shootings in the same area are not connected"

or, is it that there are simply so many incidents... none of them are?

bear in mind that, in this particular area... even the cops don't wander around alone... despite their kevlar and hi-capacity glocks.