28 July 2009

Maybe, just maybe...

...in fuzzy-bunny Canada, you can still get a semblance of actual justice...

Judge Nordheimer rejected defence arguments that she was less blameworthy because she wasn't present when Ms. Rengel was slain.

“A person who plans and orchestrates and directs another person to take the life of a human being is at least as morally culpable as the person who does the actual act,” the judge wrote in his 23-page decision.

“Put simply,” he said, “the puppermaster is not less blameworthy than the puppet.
Don't get me wrong here... there is no way this will ever make up for what this little freak has done to Stephanie Rengel and her family.

Unfortunately, though... this is as good as it's gonna get.


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As a teenager, Todorovic is too young to diagnose for personality disorders, according to psychiatrists Philip Klassen and Julian Gojer, who assessed her prior to yesterday's sentencing.

"Melissa exhibits marked anti-social tendencies in the single domain of intimate relations, while otherwise functioning normally."

"Todorovic's lack of remorse stems from her immaturity. She doesn't pose a risk to the community as long as she undergoes therapy," Gojer added.
Hey, Julian... maybe she can come and live at your place, huh?



Werner Patels said...

I wrote a column on this story just the other day.

James Higham said...

The way the media talked up what the MT was wearing and how she 'cried quietly' rather than concentrate on the victim was nauseating.

Neo Conservative said...

"james says... how she 'cried quietly'"

just wait til she gets into the prison system proper... and the social workers get their hands on her.

she'll be their pet project for all the time she spends in lockup.

it's disgusting.