06 July 2009

Just something to think about...

...the next time you're stuck sitting in a hospital emergency room for 10 interminable hours...

"I'm so glad McGuinty has taxed me to the brink of starvation so he can invest my money in a guessing game of market winners."

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“It is manifestly absurd to imagine that any health-care system can continue to provide all possible health benefits to all people at all times no matter how small the benefit and how great the cost.”


Stanley Wassan said...

Mike Harris promised "No cuts to Health care". So, first, he "restructured" health care, and when he was done "restructuring" it, there were closed hospitals, fired nurses and an upcoming shortage of doctors.

Harris' health care reform failed miserably. Although he promised to increase health care spending, he decreased it. Not surprising when you cut taxes by 30% and then suddenly realize you can't balance your budget.

Blaming McGuinty for the mess our health care system is in is not only horribly short-sighted, it's simply incorrect.

Neo Conservative said...

yeah, that dastardly mike harris... isn't he the guy who crucified jesus too?

hey... let's have dalton play the stockmarket... that'll fix everything...

"Premier Dalton McGuinty says he doesn't regret giving General Motors $250 million of Ontario taxpayers' money, even though the company is closing its Windsor transmission plant." --

and that ehealth thing... way to audible, dalt.

please stanley... tell me you're kidding. --


Anonymous said...

1. You conviently forget to mention that the liberal federal govt. under Cretien cut the transfer payments to Ontario without warning and left Harris holding the bag billions of dollars short. He had to make up that loss somewhere and I think he did a pretty good job of managing it considering.

2. McGuintey has been in for 6 years with a majority and has had the power to raise taxes (which he did)
Also transfer payments have been increased by Harper govt., and McGuintey has the power to do anything else he wants with his 2 majority govts to fix healthcare so how exactly can anything be Harris' fault? At what point does the blame start to go to McGuintey? 8 years, 10 years? He has had 6 years and billions more in tax money to play with and all he has done is give consultants and his union buddies big raises and done little else.

Philanthropist said...

Mike Harris has amazing powers over time & space according to people who are still obsessed with him, do they think Mike Harris is Superman perhaps?

Neo Conservative said...

remember the alcoholism and nepotism that enabled two dumbass brothers to poison a bunch of folks in walkerton?

apparently that's on mike the knife too.


Stanley Wassan said...

I'm willing to hang a few dastardly deeds on Mr. Harris, however, I'll leave the death of Christ to those who are interested in such things.

I agree. The feds and the provincial Liberals shouldn't have bailed out the car makers. I also can't believe the nonsense that's gone on with e-Health. That notwithstanding, Harris certainly did his share to contribute to the debacle in our waiting rooms.

As a completely non-partisan individual, I'm not in love with any of the jokers who run things. McGuinty has certainly pulled a few boneheads moves. However, Harris' strategy for health care reform simply didn't work. In my humble opinion of course. not interested in solving the world's problems this afternoon, simply engaging in some chatter on a slow day in the office.

Cheers- Stanley

Neo Conservative said...

"stanley says... McGuinty has certainly pulled a few boneheads moves."

hey... a billion here... a billion there... pretty soon you're talkin' serious scratch.

welcome aboard stanley... always nice to hear a new voice.