01 July 2009

CAF - Canada Day Edition

C'mon Omar... don't hold back... tell us how you really feel...

As the rest of Canada celebrates the nation’s 142nd birthday today, a Vice President of the Canadian Arab Federation has labelled the country a “genocidal state” and the described its national day as “F**k Canada Day.”

Omar Shaban, who lives in Vancouver, BC made these comments on his Facebook page, declaring, “It’s finally Canada Day ... Couldn't be more ashamed to be Canadian.”
Let the Canadian Arab Federation know how you feel.

Or, better yet... let this guy know.

(h/t bcf)


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...must be so proud...


UPDATE: CAF bites the bullet
The tirade on Omar Shaban's profile stirred up a firestorm of controversy and put CAF leaders in damage-control mode as they were quick to condemn the posting on the social networking site.

Just after 8:30 last night, Shaban, 23, resigned his post as the CAF's executive vice-president for Western Canada, CAF national president Khaled Mouammar confirmed.

"If Mohamed Boudjenane (CAF Executive Director 416-889-6764) really wants to distance the Canadian Arab Federation from Omar Shaban, then why is Omar Shaban still on his facebook friend's list?"


Blazing Cat Fur said...

CAF - the gift of multiculturalism.

Neo Conservative said...

let omar and his brainiac pals at the... "kwantlen university political science society"... know how much you appreciate their lofty thoughts.


Anonymous said...

As a person of native background this is exactly why I have no time for Islam or the tripe from the Hamas-friendly CAIR org. that now has 5 members in Federal prisons on Charity fraud conviction for Terrorism funding via the Bogus Charity, the CBC can run Mosque On the Prairie all they want and portray Canadians and racist bigot ignorant Christians that stole the land from native and forced religion on them.
The pro-Sharia law Islamists like Dr.Sheema Khan and Dr.Elmasry want to do exactly that by occupying canadian soil and then force Islam and Sharia on all the people which includes the natives,don't get fooled by the Taqqiyah from the Quran where Muhammed teaches Musklims to lie to the Enemies until you can kill them with a solid victory for Allah.
Islam does not have a history of respecting Natives as we see with Hamas and Hezbollah claiming that THEY are Muslims and all the Middle East land belongs to Allah and the World will be a giant Capiphate run by murderous thugs executing females and Gays in public.
When Muslims try to play the Victim in canada I get a real laugh because it's part of their plan to Hijack the plight of natives and make it a Islamic Crusade to reclaim land for Islam and Allah, as for Tarek.....he was on a TVO show one night and even said that Muslims are ordered to creata a Islamic State in any nation once they get the population to take control.
He said this, no me, he also boasted about islam being in canada for about 135 years and how Muslims enriched canada....oh ya....tell that to my Father aboriginal ancestors or the Blacks in canada when islam was here after Confederation .
It's too late for Muslim to try and rewrite History as they do in the Middle East by using the Quran as a retro-active proof for Allah's rule and how Jews and Christians and evil pigs to be killed.
We have a recent History and islam gave us 24 slaughtered canadian civilians on 9/11 while the Khadr's went on the CBC and praised their Muslims brothers for and and hoped the men in their family will slaughter more jew-Loving canadians during Jihad to be with Muhammed in paradise as part of he peaceful faith.

maybe you white-folks and pretty stupid to fall for the islam hoax of peace and Justice, but i remember history for my Ancestors and the Islamists are just another group of Invaders and Occupiers wanting to slaughter any opposition to there ideology and Death-Cult crusade to Doninate the World as the Nazis tried.
Why do you thibn my dad joined the Military in WW2, he did it for himself to preserve his people before the Nazis got on his soil to wipe out the Natives.

Check out Dr.Elmasry , he's pretending to care about the Natives issues and even rants about how canada is like israel and the natives are Palestinians.
The pro-hamas thugs want us to kill each other to save them time and energy to do it themselves, just look at how the Arab nation use palestinians to die for their crusade to wipe out the jews.

The CAF made a comment during the Hezballah terrorism attack on israel in 2006, the head of the CAF claimed that alomst 90% of Muslims and Lebanese in canada support Hezbollah and the cause to push back the Israeli occupiers.
Even the NDP's Peggy Nash from the CAW sided with the Terrorists for Politcal gains as the NDP does so often to get the Jihadi votes in canada, that why Layton and McDonough backed the $400 million dollar lawsuit by Maher Arar who never once produce evidence of his "Alleged" harm in Jordan and his Homeland of Syria.
I hope this is a new trend to cut-off the hate-filled bigots and pro-terrosim thugs to expose them for what they really are.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Shaban.

While i respect your right to free speech ...what you said is the exact reason why we here in canada and in the u.s. refuse to tolorarate your ass backwards barbaric false religion..it is a fraud and you know it all muslims know it or i should say all male muslims know it is a way for you to oppress women and dominate and control them ...it is a way for you propigate your idiotic miltary agression be it through terrorisom or an illigitemate army attack anywhere at anytime but people like you are slimy scumbag's who have no honour except in some backward mutated twice removed and reinserted way of murdering women and men who don't beleive in your fake religion that is my opinion anyway .....you also are nothing more than a spineless arm chair terroist you were born in canada and thanks to your angry and hatefilled religion you hate the very people in this country that pay the taxes to fund your pathetic excuse for a federation ...what a joke it is just another govornment handout for you and your oppressive croonies ....also known as the jizea where non muslims MUST pay a tax for not beleiving in a pediphile i have no fear of you or your ass backwards islamic oppressive way's ....when your parent's or grandparent's came here they wanted to no body forced them to sign an immigration form to come here and you were unfortunatly born here so by a technicality you are a canadian but how can you sit in your office and spew this filth from your sewer of a mouth ....if you or any of your pathetic arm chair terroistic friends don't like this country get the F$!k out we don't want you here if all you can do is speak trash like that ,your sadistic calling happy genocide day do you know what genocide is ? you and all of your stupid pathetic croonies should pile onto abunch of buses and i will personally pay for your ride's on 2 condition's you fly back to your ass backwards idiotic chaotic uncivilized Sh$t hole countries ....and never return ....all of you every single muslim who speak's thinks act's and feel's like you do GET OUT ...GET THE F$U# out ...go get lost ...go to britain ..you guy's are doing a great job there but you will have a very hard time pulling that shit off here or in america ......so please do me and all of the rest of the proud candians a favor go back to your sand and camel sh$t hut's over in the middle east dig a big ol hole in the ground or what you people call a toilet ....and dive in it head first or what we say in the civilized world ...flush yourself down your toilet in your own stupid pathetic country .....now having said that if you ever understand or so choose to change your way's of thinking and stop being a little mouth piece i would gladly liek to sit with you and explain alot of why we in the west have no time or patient's for your kind .....and sorry buddy it aint your skin colour ..it aint your religion ...it is your attitude it is your mentality you seem to think that epople owe you something for nothing ....grow a pair be a man try working for a living ..maybe become a farmer ..or a welder ..or serve your country ...something anything to break you free from this idiotic ass backwards thinking ...and one more point according to your own countries law's over sea's you would be severly punished for speaking and acting this way so you actually should be very thankful that here all you get is a verbal tounge lashing ....and not a physical back flogging ....peace !!!


langmann said...

This dumbass's answer to Canada being a genocidal state is to bring more intolerant genocidal killing and religious fervor to Canada.

What a putz.

Philanthropist said...

It is shameful that we invite people like him to live in our country, he should be dis-invited along with the rest of the 'Canadian' Arab Federation.

Elaine Murray said...

You can let Omar Shaban, the parasite, know how you feel also. I did. He has a blog. I think it is important that he gets the take on exactly how we real Canadians are reacting to his rant.


Elaine Murray said...

He removed my post, so I will post it here.

To Omar Shaban, the non-Canadian, Just another parasite from backward barbaric land living in B.C. Canada.

You are not Canadian, nor will you ever be. We do not want you here in Canada. The only reason you are here is because some bleeding heart liberal took pity on your family because you come from a barbaric backward culture whose belief system destroyed your own country. You Omar Shaban are a parasite, a blight on our great land. You mistake the tolerance and kindness of real Canadians as stupidity. You have crossed a line you ingrate, you have pissed off the true Canadians, a very big mistake on your part.

maryT said...

He has resigned his position, gee, I wonder why. The caf is trying to do damage control but it is too late. The truth about them is outhere for all to see and read.
I hope they do not get any govt funding, and if they have a charitable number, cancel it now, and treat them like Hamas.
Time to cancel all the citizenship for these cdns of convenience. 23 yrs ago his mother come to canada to give birth then left.
Seniors must live in Canada x number of days to qualify for OAS, and x number of days out of the country.
There are lots of rules to be followed with Rev Can. If we can't get them via immigration, refugee status etc, get them thru the tax laws. That is how they got Capone.

Neo Conservative said...

"elaine says... You can let Omar Shaban, the parasite, know how you feel also. I did. He has a blog."

where, curiously, he spells his name as "omar chaaban"... unlike every other spelling i have seen thus far... including the poli-sci blog at the university he is attending.

methinks ol' omar is feeling the heat.

perhaps, if he is this disgusted with canada, he can renounce his canadian citizenship and follow the yellow brick road back to lebanon... the gentle, egalitarian land of his forefathers.

i'd be willing to kick in for a one-way ticket.


Anonymous said...

if Mohamed Boudjenane (CAF Executive Director 416-889-6764 ed@caf.ca) really wants to distance the Canadian Arab Federation from Omar Shaban, then why is Omar Shaban still on his facebook friend's list?

(Omar Shaban's facebook page