04 May 2009

Okay, everybody just settle down...

...Dalton McSlippery's not gonna "raise your taxes"... he's gonna "harmonize" them...

In addition to housing, the blended 13 per cent tax will boost the price of hundreds of items, such as gasoline, heating fuel, fast food, newspapers, magazines, taxi fares and dry cleaning, among other things, that are now only subject to 5 per cent GST.

Even though Liberal MPPs and cabinet ministers privately share Runciman's concern about the change, the premier insists it is full-steam ahead with the reform.
Hmmm... maybe if Dalton hadn't pissed away a billion taxpayer dollars to his buddies in the construction industry...


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"Ontario has consistently said it would not agree to harmonizing with the GST if that would increase the tax burden on Ontario taxpayers, particularly with respect to basic essentials such as home heating and children's clothing."
~ Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan, February 2008


Rural and Right said...

"Harmony" shouldn't hurt like that unless you belong to a cult.

At least with a cult the joy of the pain of 'harmony' is all for the glory of the leader and the greater good of the commune.

A nice harmonious $1000 bribe before the next election should keep those dumbed down voters marking an 'X' for the Ontario Liberals.

Neo Conservative said...

man... i'm still smarting from that recent $1200 ohip harmonization.

ease up dalton... "don't harmonize me, bro"!!!


Philanthropist said...

Is this the biggest tax grab in Ontario history or was that Dolton's last tax grab?

How much of a 'Have-not' Province does this idiot Premier want to make Ontario? Isn't it enough that he's crippling the economy for his own term? Does he really have to extend the pain years down the road?

It's sickening that so many fools voted for him - and all of us will be paying for it for a long time!

Neo Conservative said...

friends don't let friends vote liberal.


Anonymous said...

But...we are safe from those nasty pit bulls and those scary cell-phone-driving monsters!!!
Dalton! save me from the swine flu!!!!!