23 May 2009

"No support, no minister"

I guess Michael Bryant finally got tired of Dalton crappin' all over him...

-- TORONTO -- Premier Dalton McGuinty says he will take over as Ontario's economic development minister once Michael Bryant steps down from the post.

McGuinty says Bryant told him Friday that he will be leaving politics to become CEO of the new Invest Toronto corporation, chaired by Mayor David Miller.

The colourful minister has been Ontario's point man in negotiations to save the domestic auto industry, and his departure would be a blow to the provincial government.

He had also been considered a top contender to succeed McGuinty, despite his sometimes frosty relations with the premier.

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Yup... I can see why Mayor Miller loves this guy.


LAST WORD: First blood...
"McGuinty doesn't appreciate dissent in his ranks. We see that in the backbenchers on a regular basis -- preferring to sing from the premier's hymn book than listen to what their constituents are saying about this (harmonized sales) tax."


Philanthropist said...

Liberal clowns are ruining Ontario.

Anonymous said...

If there were an award for "most ambitious politician", it would be name for Bryant. Look out Miller...get one of those knife-proof vests, and tie it up backwards...

Neo Conservative said...

he pretty much had to leave after dalton squashed his uber-ambitious ass yet again.

politics... the slimey road to riches.