24 May 2009

The "Human Right" to have...

...whatever your little heart desires...

The human rights case launched by a federal scientist who claimed his former boss hired Chinese researchers because of their willingness to tolerate abuse has been dropped quietly.

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal had been scheduled to hear this month the case of Ming Zhou, 46, a Chinese-born scientist who alleged Chander Grover and the National Research Council of Canada had discriminated against him.

The case promised to spotlight the deeply dysfunctional relationship between the NRC and Grover, an Indian-born research physicist who became a senior manager after winning a landmark discrimination case against the federal research agency in 1992.

Those events have outraged Grover, who believes the case against him had been "trumped up" by the NRC as part of its campaign to oust him.

"I am disappointed and upset, yes, because I have been deprived of the opportunity to tell my side of the story," said Grover, who has repeatedly battled the agency in human rights tribunals and courtrooms since 1987.
Yup... the guy who won a landmark "human rights" decision against his employer, the NRC... is being taken to the same tribunal by an underling. The CHRC snake is apparently now eating its own tail.

Only in Canada, you say?



Neo Conservative said...

[further reading]

"Systemic discrimination was destructive (Grover v. National Research Council of Canada, 18 C.H.R.R. D/1)" --

"It also mentioned that at the time of Dr. Grover’s complaint, no other NRC managers were members of a visible minority."

"The tribunal ordered the NRC to stop the discrimination, apologize to Dr. Grover, pay him for lost wages, correct inaccuracies in his personnel file, appoint him to a management position, and pay him $5,000 for humiliation (the highest amount possible at the time under the Canadian Human Rights Act)."
unless i'm misreading something here... there is apparently now a human right for any allegedly disadvantaged group to automatically proceed directly into civil service management positions... based on what... proportional representation?

i guess this is especially good news for deaf-mute, wheelchair-bound lesbians of colour.

i fear for my country.


Anonymous said...

No surprise here. People who have to fall back on their rights to advance their careers often do not have what it takes to be good managers.

Neo Conservative said...

the irony, of course, is that this guy was being taken to the hrc tribunal himself... by an unhappy underling.

it all comes around.