27 May 2009

Yet another "Act of God?"

-- LAHORE, Pakistan (AP) -- A large bomb has exploded in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore and an official says it has caused a large number of casualties.

The blast mid-morning Wednesday was powerful enough to shear walls off buildings in the main business district of Lahore.

Khoro Pervaiz, the commissioner of Lahore, cited "a large number of casualties" though a tally was not exactly known.

UPDATE: Allah must be so proud...
-- ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, May 27 -- At least 30 people were killed and more than 250 injured Wednesday when an explosives-ridden car blew up outside a police building in the Pakistani city of Lahore, government officials said.

The attack also involved unknown gunmen who fired shots at and around the targeted police office, known as Rescue 15, just before the car detonated.


Philanthropist said...

Allah hates Muslims.

Neo Conservative said...

i just can't wrap my head around the random, merciless nature of these attacks.

what exactly does this sort of thing accomplish?


liberal supporter said...
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Neo Conservative said...


good ol' cc... aka "liberal supporter"... one minute he's kissin' up... the next minute he challenges you to a duel.

'cos "real men" just like to "piss" on people, right libby?

what a moron.

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