27 May 2009

I'm so confused, wasn't it just last week...

...that the Puffin King was screeching about loosening the government purse strings?
And wasn't Iggy also demanding more action on the auto bailout?

Canada's contribution to the bailout of two Detroit auto makers could soar to more than $13-billion with the increasing need for cash by General Motors Corp., which has moved a giant step closer to filing for bankruptcy protection.

The numbers are viewed as still in flux.
The Liberals... they're flexible.


"The Liberals voted to support this budget. So I also could care less about hypocritical Liberals screeching. Its what they do."
And look what happens when the socialists get pouty...
Oh, Libby... you gonna challenge me to another duel?


Well, yeah... let's talk budgeting.



Michael Harkov said...

Of course they were screeching about spending more, Neo. Now they are screeching equally as loud about a $50 billion deficit resulting from said spending THEY demanded. Kind of makes you wonder what a coalition deficit would have been like when they wanted MORE spending. You know, the coalition that Iggy signed on the dotted line to support?

And to think it took Iggy 6 months to figure out such a coalition was bad idea. Thank goodness we had Harper who knew immediatley that it was a bad idea, and took steps to put a stop to it.

And another fact is, that the Liberals voted to support this budget. So I also could care less about hypocritical Liberals screeching. Its what they do.

Neo Conservative said...

and what was all that nonsense about iggy taking the high road?

i'd hate to see what happens when he decides to get down and dirty.


Anonymous said...

Hell, supporting the budget was months ago. Just this week the Libs whined that they wanted EI rules changed...something that would, er, increase the deficit.

Its what they wanted, isn't it?

gimbol said...

"i'd hate to see what happens when he decides to get down and dirty"

Iggy is about to suffer an identity crisis.

He's been on the rail about fixing the way a past liberal PM set up the EI waiting period.
Seems in his race to criticise this he forgot who it was that implemented it, maybe he was out of the country at the time.

Perhaps a nicely worded letter asking Iggy what other programs and policies devised by liberal PM's past that he wants to change?

Here's an idea.
I'm thinking of asking his nibbs if the SCOC determined that the current law banning polygamy was a violation of someones rights, that rather than changing the law to recognize this "new progressive reality" (the court has spoken (tm)) he would as PM table a vote in the HoC to invoke the NWSC?

Maybe he might get back to me next year.

liberal supporter said...

Meanwhile, another shoe drops. Will Senator Duffy now step down since his appointment was a direct reward for this?

Why is there so much right wing bias in the MSM?


Michael Harkov said...

And, you raving Libtard, since you mentioned senators, now we have a Liberal one who is trying his hardest to have all political advertising banned outside of elections. Gee, that wouldn't have anything at all to do with the latest rounds of Tory ads that the Liberals are so desperate to claim are ineffective, now would it?

Naw, of COURSE not. :D

langmann said...

When will Canadians actually give a damn about excessive government spending is the real question...

Maybe when Iggy starts talking higher taxes.

Michael Harkov said...

Well Langmann, Iggy already has. Now all that needs to be done is to find out what taxes and by how much he would raise them.

langmann said...

Oh I just noticed leftard's comments. You're right, leftard, Duffy nailed Dion quite well (and deserved) during last election. I do think that in reality it is the media that runs this country more than the government quite often. We both know that if there was no media scream for a "stimulus" the conservatives would have tried to balance the budget by cutting some well needed fat, instead of propping up failures.

But don't come around with this whimpering for poor Iggy. The media has completely ignored the fact that Iggy CHOSE to live outside of Canada for years, and contributed absolutely nothing to Canada at all during his time away. He did everything to benefit himself. In that way he is completely different from immigrants who come here to be a part of Canada.

We both know, leftard, that you know deep down inside that if the conservatives tried to prop up someone like Iggy, the media would have pounded him so low by now that his popularity would have been worse than a travelling salesman on Christmas Eve.

wilson said...

''He's been on the rail about fixing the way a past liberal PM set up the EI waiting period.''

Iffy woke up Quebec,
a Quebec union took the Chretien/Martin government to court over EI:

''However, the court said in the same decision that the former Liberal government illegally collected premiums for three years .... in 2002, 2003, and 2005''

(note, the EI surplus was dumped into general revenues and used to balance the budgets/show surplus...)

''The case was brought to the Supreme Court by the Confederation des syndicats nationaux,
Quebec’s second-largest trade union with more than 300,000 members,
and the Syndicat National des Employes de l’Aluminium.''


langmann said...

What I want to know is where where all these left-bots and media tail waggers a few months ago? I certainly didn't hear anyone squeaking about deficits.

The conservatives tried the big lefty spending spree, and up until yesterday the globe was whining that we weren't spending enough.

Suddenly they're all whining about a big deficit.

What did they think was going to happen?

For the last fricking time, this is what socialist policies do.