28 May 2009

Be it ever so humble

"Lost in the liberal tumult of ecstasy over her nomination is the simple fact that Judge Sotomayor had the undoubted blessing of attending private schools."

"All her life."

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"Her most high-profile case involved New Haven’s decision to toss out tests used to evaluate candidates for promotion in the fire department because there were no minority candidates at the top of the list."

"She was part of a panel that rejected the challenge brought by white firefighters who scored high but were denied promotion."

LAST WORD: Don't ask me how... he just knows



x2para said...

if she were white and the firefighters were hispanic she would be called a racist by every left wing turd around; double standard?

Anonymous said...

she is a u.s. citizen born in n.y. she is as dumb as a bag of rocks and is now supposed to sit on a court that reversed her decisions five out of six times. f--kin brilliant.

Philanthropist said...

Racism & Liberals go hand in hand.

At one time liberals used to believe in universal human rights and individual freedoms, now conservatives are the only ones who believe in those quaint principles of yesteryear that made North America home to the two most prosperous countries in the world.

It's as though people have become tired of freedom, prosperity and thinking for themselves. Now many voters want the government involved in their lives every day to tell them where to work, what to buy, how to eat, what to think etc... ad nauseum...

Neo Conservative said...

in the end, folks... you get the government you deserve.

the electorate went democrat... they have to live with the consequences, which, in this case... comes with a hefty dose of suckass political correctness.