25 May 2009

UPDATE: That controlling, dictatorial...

...Stephen Harp... uh... wait a minute...

As his government grapples with the ailing economy, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has lost his economic development minister, Michael Bryant, in a move blamed both on a notorious speech Mr. Bryant gave espousing “reverse Reaganomics” and on his leadership ambitions.

A source close to the Premier's Office said that Mr. Bryant's wave-making speech given to at least two audiences earlier this month played a major role in his departure, clearly upsetting a Premier who prefers his ministers take "a more subdued role"
Looks like Michael Bryant got his ass "subdued" right out the door.

No media spin here, huh?



Anonymous said...

Seems the Preem dusted Uppity Boy because Bryant actually let slip what actually was in the Kool Aid.

Neo Conservative said...

try to imagine the media uproar if stephen harper had forced his finance minister out of caucus... journos would be running through the streets screaming bloody murder.

but dalton... he simply prefers his ministers to take "a more subdued role".

bias? what bias?


robins111 said...

Isn't this a rats & ship kinda story?

Or did his blondness, make him a better offer?

Neo Conservative said...

bryant's a pretty ambitious guy... and there's only so many times he'd let dalton publicly slap him down.

he's already got his mp pension locked in... my guess is he'll be gunning for the mayor's job next time around.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing that the Nabobs in charge at City Hall keep trying to solve their Over-spending problem by spending MORE money for hiring Political Failures to fill a job that demands a Successful Business CEO or Manager to actually attempt to Break-Even.

But no , Toronto gives out Needles to drugs users to enable more drug use, they give out Cigarettes and Wine to homeless adicts in the Shelters,they allow a Annual parade on Yonge Street where naked males can break the laws and expose themselves to little boys on the parade route while the same Toronto wants to fight Kiddie-Porn and Internet predators stalking children .

Myself, I have spent almost 2 years developing a few Inventions to solve the Poverty crisis for Affordable Housing and lower Power demands for Businesses and homes.

Governments are not the answer to the problems, they ARE the problem.
Even the Liberals are trying to return to power in Ottawa by shelling out more money to people so they don't have to work, they also want to raise taxes and pour billions into a Health care system that is collapsing under its own weight from the demands created when Governments promote it as "Free" Health-Care .

Toronto has diven out the Manufactures and waged war on the Automobile , so now Toronto is broke and is still hell-bent on stealing the roads from cars to give to bikes and then buy more Buses and Streetcars to solve a Subway crisis that can't move the masses fast enough or assure people they can get to work on time .

I will not set-up shop in Toronto, in fact...the Invention Engineers and Proto type designers are North of Steels for the cheaper taxes, plus my Patent Lawyer is in New York while I have told him that I want to use Ohio or Texas for Manufacturing Plants close to Road,Rail and Cargo ships.

My employees will not live in poverty because of stupid Political choices to make rent or basic living so expensive , Toronto keeps expanding the Tax-base for revenues when they have a Spending problem Monkey on their back.

Miller and McGuinty keep pointing at each other as the problem while boasting how good they are doing for canadians.

It's not my responsibilty for bailing out Politicians that make obscene Election promises based on Spending themselves rich and hand-outs for all.
Paul Martin showed us how to be a good Canadian by using cheap slave labour outside of canada to avoid our high taxes , then we use a tax haven off-shore to avoid personal income taxes from the profits, and finally....use your Off-shore Company for huge Government Contracts with canada to suck out the money from the sucker Citizens that pay the majority of taxes.

Hell, I might even become the Prime Minister once I've lived in the USA for 30 years befor the big home coming to rescue Canadians from democracy and Liberty.

Philanthropist said...

Reaganomics resulted in increased wealth and prosperity for everyone, if Ontario remains on this 'Reverse Reaganomics' plan much longer we'll get to add massive unemployment to our status as a 'have-not' province.

Only union members are guaranteed wealth by the taxpayer, the majority in Ontario had better start to figure this out and stop listening to the soothing sounds of the lamestream media because there will be a lot of unhappiness in the future.

Neo Conservative said...

heard someone on the news last night, in the wake of the gm-chrysler debacle, speculating... the only jobs left with guaranteed employer-pay pensions are gonna be politicians and the civil service.

the new reality.