25 May 2009

Remember when you were a kid...

...and you could rent teenage girls by the hour?

Yeah... me neither.

A 40-year-old man is under arrest and a 15-year-old girl is in protective custody after York Regional police infiltrated a prostitution ring.

Members of the police Drugs and Vice Unit were told Friday that the teen was allegedly working as a prostitute under the direction of the male suspect. Their investigation led them to a condominium in Toronto where they found the girl and the suspect.

Renan Gazzali Esahak, a Richmond Hill resident has been charged.
Pimping a minor? How about a mandatory ten-year minimum?


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...now let's vindicate the cops and move on.

LAST WORD: Bullets fly in Brampton
One man is in hospital and nearby Brampton schools were locked down after shots were fired at a nearby community centre.

Peel Regional Police found an injured man behind the Cassie Campbell Community Centre after responding to reports of gunshots just after 2 p.m.


Murray the Hun said...

"Mandatory ten year minimum"?

I'm thinking we should remove more than just his freedom.

Neo Conservative said...

preachin' to the choir, my friend... preachin' to the choir.


Sammy said...

See Wpg news Neo,and the wk-end murder of a man by two 14 yr old boys.Also,a 16 yr old girl was stabbed to death in that fair city.

DaveCF said...

Renan Gazzali Esahak doesn't sound Irish to me...

maryT said...

Are these the teenagers that PMSH wants to remove and jail for horrendous crimes. Except the Bloc and Liberals think more basketball courts would solve the problem.
I am sure the parents of the victims could care less what would happen to them in jail.
Hey, word verification is worses.

langmann said...

Pimping a minor? How about a mandatory ten-year minimum?Hey as long as it isn't they're own sister, liberal supporter and his ilk stand for the criminals.

That's their mantra.

Neo Conservative said...

the trouble is... in fuzzy-bunny canada... there's apparently no such thing as a bad boy any more.

these days, addiction isn't about a failure of character... it's an illness. murderers aren't amoral shitheads... just unfortunate products of bad potty training, or neglectful parents.

how did we manage to go so wrong?