28 May 2009

Did you hear the one about...

...the judge from Planet Crazy?

-- EDMONTON -- Hart told court a security official at the remand centre called MacDonald the "most difficult inmate" among the 860 housed at the downtown facility. Court heard MacDonald has used illegal drugs, assaulted virtually every inmate bunked with him, "feces-bombed" other inmates, flooded his cell, urinated on the floor, set fires and assaulted and spat on guards regularly.

Court heard MacDonald allegedly started a fire in his cell on Dec. 3 and was then combative with guards and had to be pepper sprayed to get him under control.

On March 3, MacDonald got upset after being told he was being transferred due to his "unacceptable behaviour" and then punched two guards in the face when they went into his cell after he barricaded the door.
And the punch line?
The judge ruled he would only consider bail if there is a treatment facility or other suitable place for MacDonald, 27, to live. Malin adjourned the matter to next week.
I fear for my country.


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"Last night was horrible – waiting to see if she would live," he said, stroking her back. "I'm so angry, "I want to find a lawyer."


Philanthropist said...

Our 'judges' are clueless idiots who should be held accountable for their actions - they should be sued or face prison when they release these psychopaths that prey upon the public.

'Judges' screw up continuously in this country - and they get away with it. Disgusting.

Platty said...

..or other suitable place for MacDonald, 27, to live.---

No problem judge, say hello to your new roomy...

Neo Conservative said...

this guy is obviously a ticking time bomb... just like bus beheader vincent li... and some whackjob judge is gonna unleash him on an unsuspecting public?

that's some "justice" system.


Anonymous said...

This MacDonald a$$#ole would be used for taser training as a daily routine. We need elected judges.
Rob C

robins111 said...

Our justice 'sic' system should be held accountable for it's actions.

I suggest that we move Mr Mac into the Judges house.

I'm sure he will be happy about that, especially if he has family

langmann said...

Actually from reading the article it seems the me that the judge is trying to figure out a place where this guy will be supervised properly as it appears he is at the end of his current charge. Since he cannot find anything he doesn't want to let him go.

Community treatment orders are hard to enforce, I understand this judge's problems with letting this guy go without anywhere to send someone that needs constant supervision. I find myself handicapped in the same manner with these same patients.

I actually applaud him for not letting this guy go like some other dumbass judges would have.

Neo Conservative said...

with this guy's record, why would the judge even use the word bail?

bury him in an isolation unit where he can't assault any more guards, or fellow inmates... until he gets his day in court.

the only determining factor should be... "if i let him out, is he a danger to society?"*