23 May 2009

Whan Jihadis finally go mainstream

"You are cordially invited to celebrate the marriage of Zaynab Khadr and Bilbo Baggins..."


Philanthropist said...

She can sponsor his immigration papers to Terroristan or some other Muslim country where they would feel more comfortable, good riddance.

KURSK said...

Besides proving that you should take with a grain of salt anything written on Wikepedia, where does this story rate on the nausea scale?

Screw the Khadr's and their terrorist loving ilk.Why are they still in my country? Why are they not deported for their odious beliefs? Why are they allowed to live off the public purse?

To top it all off, we have this asshat who has obviously fallen hook line and sinker for their cause.Does this man not prove that many lefties have a recessive dumb gene?

Does treason no longer have any meaning in Canada?

No doubt the gray lady closed comments on this article because of the shite storm it would have stirred up.I know it has my blood boiling.....

Neo Conservative said...

on the bright side, this should give hope to awkward young lads like "canadian cesspool".

obviously in friendly, openminded canada... there is someone for everybody.


C.M. said...

He chronicles Canadian counterterrorism investigations in his spare time. “Anything related to terrorism on Wikipedia,” he said, “I wrote, pretty much.”

Ummm note to self..remember that wiki is bull shit written by...er...bull shit to themselves artists..jokes you wouldn't allow anyone in your family to spend 12 seconds with.

Neo Conservative said...

wikipedia... a short step up from scrawling on public restroom walls.

i guess that makes him at least as gainfully employed... as the rest of the khadr klan.

to be fair though... you're peekin' under zaynab khadr's hijab... i bet you know a thing or two about terror.


Anonymous said...

I have a PBS DVD set about the Al-Qaeda network and there is a interview from Afghanistan with the Khadr Klan Mommy-dearest and Zaynab , and prior to these Jihadists returning to Khanada the CBC also ran this DVD special on TV.
The CBC had no quams at playing the parts where the 2 females praised the 9/11 hijackers for slaughtering 24 Jew-Loving canadian infidels and pigs.
The 2 of them were proud of the Muslim brothers who gace their lives for Allah's cause, they then went on to praise the males in their family which included a hope that her brothers would die in canada as suicide bombers murdering more jew-loving canadians so he goes to paradise with Muhammed and Allah.

The problem with the CRTC and CHRC's is that once the Khadr's stepped back on canadian soil the MSM no longer dared telling the truth about the Terrosim ties and desire to slaughter canadian right on our soil.

The Khadr's have close ties to CAIR/CAIR-Canada, , CAIR is now linked to Terrorism funding to Hamas and 5 of the U.S. CAIR members are now in Prison for Terrorism aid and running a bogus Islamic charity to funnel Donations to Hamas and Hezbollah.

So what's the big deal you ask?

Well, CAIR was behind the Maher Arar lawsuit against canada for Alleged harm that has yet to be proven by Arar himself. Dr.Sheema khan from CAIR had tried to Sue 2 Canadian Citizens into silence over her knowledge of Canadian donations being funnelled to the U.S> CAIR head office in Washington D.C. .
Mr. Nihad Awad from CAIR is on a CTV view clip and admits that CAIR has supported the Arar's since 2002 because Maher had a second home in Boston right hear the same Airport used to hijack the 9/11 Planes in 2001.

Tarek fatah has detailed how CAIR is a pro-Sharaih Law group funded by the Saudis to promote the Whahhabi islam in canada , Maher Arar's wife is a Pro-Shariah Palestinian refugee and is on record being at a pro-hamas rally in Ottawa with Alexa McDonough who was too stupid to see the charade or knew it and played dumb.
Jack Layton used Arar's wife to run for the anti-USA/Jew populations in Ottawa within the Arab/Muslim voters, Carolyn Parrish even courted the Hezbollah/Hamas votes to get elected and as we see today, the Toronto-18 Jihadists were from the Mississauga Mosque in her ridding.

But lets not fool ourselves that these turncoat NDP/Liberals were harmless, we see that the years of USA-Bashing after 9/11 and Jean Chretiens tripe that the USA deserved 9/11 plus the NDP in Windsor joining the CAW to support the Pro-Hamas Muslims that held a Jew-bashing rally with Black-Nijhabs and racist ladened Placards .

Canadians will now need a passport to enter the USA, Obama even hinted in November of 2008 that GM,FORD and Chrysler may have to pull out of canada if any UAW members risk losing their jobs from a Bail-Out.

Thank you Chretien, Layton,Parrish,CAW,CBC,Toronto Star,CUPE,MP McDonough,Peggy Nash, and of course Paul martin who welcomed back the Khadr's to get FREE health care for the Jihad son in the wheelchair that was a willfull Terrorist .
Now the NDP want Omar Khadr returned home when Obama now realizes that GITMO should stay open and keep this murderous thugs locked up and off US soil.

Canada just had its first Terrorism attack by the Tamil-Tigers that attacked a Bhudist temple and Sri Lankan eatery just because they started a war and lost, this is what the Palestinians did in canada when they too started 2 wars with Israel and lost both but now want the land back.

I can't believe that the Toronto Star listed Trudeau as the greatest PM ever in canada.
While my Dad served for canada in WW2, Trudeau mocked our war dead by riding around with a Nazi helmet in Quebec trying to tell people that Hitler was England's problem not France's issue.

Of cource this was before June of 1940 when the french surrendered for a second time to the Germany.

ddt said...

Like Bilbo Baggins he and his family should sail away never to be seen again.