29 May 2009

"I'm from the Government..."

"...I'm here to save you..."

For Mr. Milke, the auto bailouts are typical of political decisions that benefit relatively few people at the expense of millions.

But because the risk of a cross-Canada taxpayer revolt is small compared to the potential payback from voters in hard-up communities in Southern Ontario, the decision to bail out the auto companies is an easy one for politicians.

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-- OTTAWA -- Four top executives of the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board pocketed nearly $7 million in bonuses this year despite losing $24 billion of taxpayers' money in bad investments, according to the board's annual report released yesterday.

LAST WORD: More government... yes, please!!!



Philanthropist said...

The media machines connected to these jobs make it all the more worthwhile for politicians. Unions screw over all Canadians to favour their members - and they sound good doing it, with help from the NDP of course. Canadian taxpayers are asleep.

Neo Conservative said...

well, the politicians wouldn't get away with it if, the majority of the electorate weren't gullible, apathetic sheeple.

you get the kind of government you deserve.