24 May 2009

Well, that's one mystery solved

I guess we know what Dalton and company needed that new health care premium for.

Ontario's auditor is probing spending at the delay-plagued provincial agency responsible for developing electronic health records. eHealth Ontario has spent $146 million on consultants since 2003, despite commitments to reign in billings for outside expertise.

And overall agency spending has ballooned to $839 million while the delivery date for province-wide, electronic patient health records has been pushed back to 2015.

This province continues to lag behind other Canadian jurisdictions that have spent far less money and made more progress on electronic health card systems that have reduced medical errors, prescription overdoses and health-care costs.


Neo Conservative said...

your money... his friends...


Tax dollars spent trying to develop Ontario eHealth records:

2003-04: $94 million in total, $25 million on consultants.
2004-05: $98 million in total, $17 million on consultants.
2005-06: $123 million in total, $18 million on consultants.
2006-07: $133 million in total, $19 million on consultants.
2007-08: $180 million in total, $33 million on consultants.
2008-09: $211 million in total, $34 million on consultants.

Over the last six years:

$839 million in total, $146 million on consultants


ddt said...

Following in the gun registry's footsteps. I guess it's too much of a stretch for these genuises to work together with the other provinces to split the costs and make the records transferable province to province.

Neo Conservative said...

nah... you've gotta look at this from dalton's perspective.

spending hundreds of millions of dollars while enriching your friends... for the mcslippery liberals... that's a feature... not a bug.


Rural and Right said...

My father is in Rural Municipal Politics in his second term. Shortly after he was first elected it was unbelievable the gifts(bribes), and invitations(bribes) that were arriving from consulting firms just looking to suck up taxpayers dollars. Fortunately they Mayor and most of council are frugal and avoid consultants as much as possible. They tend to use this thing out in the country we like to call 'common sense' for decision making.

Philanthropist said...

Almost a thousand-million dollars, six years, and it's still six years away. Liberal graft, Liberal corruption, Liberal incompetence, Liberal theft....

And the unions make sure these guys get re-elected.

Ontario may be a have not province for most people, but union members know that they can live even better when there's high unemployment, services get cheaper for example, so they're all for Liberal corruption like this.

Neo Conservative said...

the larger and more metropolitan the city... the more this happens... no doubt in my mind.

and dalton? well, there's a reason they call him premier mcslippery.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone ask us if we want our health information in a database? I find it to be an invasion of my privacy!

Neo Conservative said...

yup... that's another issue right there.

but i'm thinkin' job one should be everybody in ontario gets access to a family physician. we moved up here and it took us six plus years... and that's just not acceptable.

mcslippery is all about expanding the bureaucracy... it's what socialists are most famous for. and i'm guessing he doesn't sit in emerg for six hours to see a doctor.

funny how that works.