19 May 2009


...who says it's just for politicians?

-- VANCOUVER, B.C. -- Vancouver sex trade workers need to know their rights when dealing with cameras and reporters and will be offered media training leading up to the 2010 Olympic Games, an advocacy group said.
Hang on a sec... hooker journalism is gonna be an integral part of the Olympic television coverage? What's up with that? Is this some new marketing plan to reverse the CBC's failing fortunes?
"We find sometimes that media attention to the area can be a little less than compassionate and we don't want them to feel like animals in a zoo during that time."
Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

Because, inevitably, it's the shy, sensitive types giving ten dollar blowjobs to unwashed strangers in dark alleys to help pay for their next fix.

Meanwhile, in other hooker-related news...

Oh Canada.



Josephine said...

Now I've heard everything.

Neo Conservative said...

jo... the thing is... there's always something else.

i thought i knew everything about the sins of canadian human rights tribunals... then i started reading "shakedown" by ezra levant.

pick up a copy... a 'must read' for any political junkie.