25 May 2009

Bright lights, big city...

...fatal beating...

Three teenagers were charged Monday with second-degree murder in connection with the death of 67-year-old Kim Ngu Lieu, who was attacked in Montreal North last weekend.

Ngu Lieu was at a bus stop at the corner of St. Vital and Henri Bourassa Blvds. late in the evening on May 17 when police allege the three youths surrounded her, brutally beat her, and tried to steal her purse.
Who are these animals?

Simply unbelievable.



langmann said...

I firmly believe that violent criminal acts like said act, deserve the life sentence even if they do not result in death.

liberal supporter and his ilk of course will call me a nazi for that, but hey as long as it isn't his grandmother they're all for the criminal.

Philanthropist said...

From the article:

"Prosecutor Karen Ohayon said the crown reserves the right to seek adult sentences for the teens if they are found guilty -- meaning they would receive life sentences with no chance of parole for seven years."

Consideration should be given to the person or persons these thugs will rob, beat or kill seven years from now.

But that doesn't happen in Canada because voters don't care about their neighbours.

Neo Conservative said...

seven years, huh? kim ngu lieu got an irrevocable life sentence.

so how does that balance out?