28 May 2009

Live and don't learn...

...that's us...

-- WOODSTOCK -- The spectre of Karla Homolka’s “deal with the devil” has arisen in the Victoria (Tori) Stafford case because the two people accused of the girl’s slaying will now get separate trials.

Under the Criminal Code, abduction carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison while kidnapping carries a maximum of life.

No way. Not again.


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Taxi driver Hassan Nagi should not receive a harsh sentence for raping three women as he suffered a condition called “Don Juanism” which made him addicted to sex, his barrister said yesterday.


langmann said...

What's the difference between abduction and kidnapping? Im abduction you're just borrowing the kid for a while?

Is the crown that incompetent that they somehow think they cannot convict both of these useless people and keep them forever in jail and away from our kids?

Honey Pot said...

They will let her off with it because she is a female. He'll do the time in club Fed. What sick sick individuals those two scumbags are.

Too bad Victoria's father hadn't of found them first.

If you think about it, if you killed someone that did that to your child, any child for that matter, what is the worse that could happen to you?

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann asks... is the crown that incompetent..." --

two words... karla homolka.


robins111 said...

I will state again, it's well past time we reviewed the death penalty.

In the case of these two maggots. I'll volunteer to pull the switch.

langmann said...

If you think about it, if you killed someone that did that to your child, any child for that matter, what is the worse that could happen to you?You'd get an actual life sentence and they would make it stick to make an example of you to anyone else considering vigilante action.

I ask again, what is the real difference between abduction and kidnapping? How is one worse than the other?

Honey Pot said...

Perhaps langmann, but would you really care? Someone did that to your child, your life would be over anyway.

The two of them committed pure evil.The thought of them drawing a breathe while Victoria lies dead, discarded like garbage, is enough for me to realize there is no such thing as justice.

What Victoria must have went through before they killed her is something that makes me cry when I allow my mind to go there.

Those two maggots should be dead, and that is all there is to it.

Honey Pot said...

"McClintic is still trying to help police find Tori's body, but is no longer physically with investigators on their search, LeRoy said yesterday.

"That was her goal, that remains her goal in order to help the police find Tori and to bring Tori home."-London free press

Her lawyer is setting McClintic up to be some sort of a hero if she discloses what her and that other less than human pig shit murdering partner did with Victoria's body.

What a wonderful scumbag she must be to deliver Victoria's dead body back to her parents. I got a better idea. Why don't they tie a spiked belt around her neck and every hour that passes without Tori's body being found, they tighten it a notch.

Neo Conservative said...

it's simply "all spin, all the time" these days.

mcclintic apparently isn't a kidnapper and murderer... she's a hero for trying to return the little girl's body to her family. and incredibly... the media eats it up.

how does's mcclintic's lawyer sleep at night? that's what i want to know.

it's a legal system... not a justice system.



Honey Pot said...

Robin, I believe there are crimes that capital punishment is needed for. This would be one of them.

A lefty asked me if I was pro capital punishment, if could I personally pull the switch on the electric chair. For some reason they thought this was suppose to be the stopper in my pursuit of calling for capital punishment.

I thought about that for a moment. I believe not only could I pull the switch, I could actually put my hands around the throats of those two evil scumbags and choke the fucking life out of them, and then go and finish my gardening.

Kai said...

I doubt she will get off the hook. They have charged her with 1st Degree Murder even though she has been assisting them. I think the spectre of Karla gives the police the willies, and they don't ever want to make that kind of deal again.

Neo Conservative said...

it's not the cops who have the final say though, is it? it's the crown attorneys.

if there was any actual justice in the system... these two would... after being tried and found guilty, of course... swing.