30 May 2009

Justice delayed...

...is justice denied...Anyway... I guess it wasn't the CIA after all.


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President Barack Obama will offer his personal commitment to “change the conversation” with the Muslim world in a long-awaited speech in Cairo this week.
It's not like a robust medieval theocracy can't keep the trains running on time.
Obama has put President George W Bush’s democracy agenda on the back burner in an attempt to strengthen the alliance between America and moderate Arab states against Iran and radical Islamic groups and to revive the Middle East peace process.


rabbit said...

Well that was ... expedient.

Although justice delayed is justice denied, justice hurried is worse.

Neo Conservative said...

c'mon now, rabbit... trial and appeal on friday... sentence carried out on saturday.

48 hours... i mean, that's a nice round number.

you got a problem with shariah law? sheesh... you must be one of them bush-lovin' neo-cons.

so tell me... if sid ryan and cupe are good with islamic jurisprudence.... what's your problem here?


alexb said...

"Agents of arrogance "
Obviously the Barry O admin was behind this.