19 May 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Hastings County...

...absolutely no raging gun-battles in progress this sunny Tuesday... yet again...

Toronto police are investigating a late-night shooting in north Scarborough that left one man in hospital with serious injuries and another in police custody. Shots rang out just before midnight Monday in a parking lot of a shopping plaza located on Finch Avenue, just east of Kennedy Road.

Authorities say they are investigating whether the gun battle that erupted between a two groups of men was caught on a surveillance camera that was set up in the plaza. Investigators say they found numerous shell casings in the parking lot.

The plaza remained closed throughout Tuesday morning while police examined evidence at the scene.
Curiously, once more, Mayor Miller's office strangely silent on which gun club the shooters belonged to.

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-- TORONTO -- Toronto police have identified a 19-year-old man accused of firing shots toward officers just after midnight on Sunday.

Abshir Abdirashid of Toronto faces nine charges, including two counts of attempted murder, and is scheduled to appear in court today.


paulsstuff said...

This wouldn't have happened if Mike Harris had of built more basketball courts.

alexb said...

Ever notice how any intersection with Finch in the name is a sure fire (pun intended) place for a shoot out.
Me too.
His Blondness may pick up on this trend and ban the word "Finch "
We can only hope so.

liberal supporter said...
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Anonymous said...

What good are surveillance cameras if you can't identify the thugs and gangsters? Waste of money. Could be spent on something important like more social workers or selfesteem classes. Guaranteed to work or your money back. NOT!

liberal supporter said...
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Anonymous said...

The thought stikes me that if these shooters had access to a community gun club they'd be better shots and less likely to kill any innocent bystanders with stray bullets.
Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees.

Neo Conservative said...

good ol' cc aka liberal supporter... one minute he's kissin' up... the next minute he challenges you to a duel.

'cos "real men" just like to "piss" on people, right libby?

what a moron.

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