27 May 2009

I know there are people...

...who get absolutely insane, every time I mention Toronto's burgeoning crime problems. They start screaming about racism... or calling me a nazi. Of course, the fact is, I don't make any of this stuff up.

It's all taken directly from local news sources, word for scary word.

I guess some folks feel it's best to just avert their gaze... to pretend there is no problem. Unfortunately, shooting the messenger really isn't any sort of a strategy.

Or, how about the lunatics who believe that the problem is... lord love a duck... the horrible, racist police? Or that legalising drugs, or setting up government-subsidised whorehouses will magically fix everything?

The simple truth is, the crime problem in Toronto... is criminals.

Case in point...

Toronto Police were called to the Zellers department store at Sheridan Mall in the Wilson Ave. and Jane St. area around 6 p.m. after receiving reports a 43-year-old woman had been stabbed.

"Six months ago, a customer at the mall got stabbed," he said. "It's very scary. The management here doesn't invest much money in security because business is down from the economy."
And this isn't, as some folks would like you to believe, an isolated incident.
Last October, three men were shot in the mall's parking lot. Two days later, Burrell Bennett, 26, died leaving his daughter, 3, without a father.

In 2005, four days before the Boxing Day gunbattle that claimed Jane Creba's life, a man was injured by a shotgun blast outside Sheridan Mall.

And in August of 2004 a mall security guard was stabbed in the head during a confrontation at a Pizza Pizza in the mall.
Now this isn't really my fight anymore... we moved out to Hastings County in 2001.

The thing is, I once lived in this area... as well as putting in a year at the now troubled highrise towers on the northeast corner of Jane and Finch. Every time I hear another one of these stories, I just shake my head.

Once upon a time, you could walk those streets, those neighbourhoods, without a second thought. And now... they are war zones.

And guess what folks, the war isn't going all that well.

Witness Mayor "Super Dave" Miller declaring war on legitimate gun clubs within Toronto city limits. He's targeting, among others, some of Canada's Olympic shooters... instead of, you know... actual criminals... but there's a warm fuzzy illusion of actually doing something.

And a lot of people, hearing the socialist party line from CTV and CBC every night... start to believe that the problem is being fixed.

Sorry my friends, it simply doesn't work that way.

But I've done what I could... it ain't my kid in the firing line.

Wake up folks and smell the species. This swamp isn't gonna dry up all by itself.


UPDATE: Stabber nabbed
A 19-year-old man was arrested yesterday in connection with a stabbing that nearly claimed the life of an undercover security guard at a North York mall less than 24 hours earlier.

Duong Nguyen was taken into custody around 2:30 p.m. at a bus stop not far from Sheridan Mall, Toronto Police say. He is charged with aggravated assault and numerous weapons, theft and other offences.


Anonymous said...

Simple solution "MORE BASKETBALL COURTS" Just ask Super Dave.

Rob C

Anonymous said...

If you allow people to come to the party and bring their bagage with them and forigein aditudes regarding the value of life, their belief structures, and their views towards law and order or rather lawlessness then what did you expect would happen...

There was a time not all that long ago ... okay a generation back... when people came to Canada, The True North strong and Free for a chance at a better life and were located where we told them they would live... those days are long gone now... now they come here to set up terror cells, orginzed crime centers, drug deal, import guns, prostitution rings and other human trafficing slave type labour gimics...

You want to fix the problems it's easy...close the gates and throw out the unwanted/warranted spongest on our system... reopen the gates to people who are willing to relocate on farms, in northern communities, and ti immigrate into our system be it english only or bi-lingual... give up on the multicultural BS unless it funds itself and if you come here without a skill or job already lined up be prepared to be sent home if you don't make yourself useful.

Anonymous said...

and they set all this shit up in 1 of 3 Liberal strong holds that are holding the rest of Canada hostage...

Toronto...the center of the universe... 5 million there now and growing...no wonder you can never find a cop when you need one...

Vancouver...easy port access given the Hells Angels own half the dock workers...

or Montreal... Home of the only place in the world with a "Langage Police" force that's publically funded by tax dollars...

Neo Conservative said...

nonny... if you don't want to be lumped in with the dumbass white power crowd don't just make simplistic generalisations about all immigrants.

and for gawd's sake use a spellchecker... bagage, forigein aditudes, orginzed, gimics, spongest, Langage... you guys just embarrass yourselves.

please... just take it on back to stormfront... or the chrc.

you can't put two thoughts, or two coherent sentences together... you're not welcome here.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Neo Conservative said...

sorry, bub... we've had this conversation before. my parents are immigrants, i have friends who are immigrants... immigrants are not the problem.

take it on back to stormfront, you are not welcome here.

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