13 May 2009

Live and don't learn

So... the protesters don't support the Tamil Tigers? Check out the sign in the picture below... it doesn't get any clearer than that...

Tone deaf Tamil Tiger supporters rev up the threats & blackmail... one more time...

“We can only control the people for a couple of times. If their emotions get enraged even more, it’s not in our hands,” said Priyanth Nallaratnam.
Of course... like Iggy and company, ol' Priyanth is gonna try lay this one at the feet of, wait for it... Stephen Harper.
“If the Prime Minister keeps on ignoring this, his ignorance of the community’s plight is just going to fuel the people even more. The people are going to get even more enraged.”
Sure thing, pal... just not enraged enough to stay in Sri Lanka and actually fight for the cause.

Funny how that works.


UPDATE: Tens of thousands of protesters...

...they all just called in sick today?
Toronto is bracing for another Tamil mass protest today, with tens of thousands of people expected to descend on Queen's Park to form a human chain at noon, possibly targeting the downtown subway as well.

Tamil Facebook groups and radio stations have called for Toronto's Tamils to go to Queen's Park today to continue the public protests that exploded onto the Gardiner Expressway on Sunday night.

There was also talk of protesters targeting University Avenue and Yonge Street, from Union Station up to Bloor Street.

UPDATE2: Hospital row gets pinched off... again
Toronto police closed the southbound lanes of University Avenue between Queen and Dundas streets, around 3 p.m., saying they "will remain closed until further notice."

LAST WORD: Looks like Dalton's on board
-- TORONTO -- The protests have angered some commuters caught in the traffic but McGuinty said "THE INCONVENIENCE" has to be weighed against a moral obligation to oppose injustice.

"I think we also have a higher responsibility to find a way to speak out as responsible global citizens in the face of a significant breach of human rights."
Of course, Dalton just has a short limo ride from Queens Park to his Liberal Party-subsidised mansion in Rosedale.

No "INCONVENIENT" Tamil clogged expressways for the Apologiser-in-Chief.



Anonymous said...

How long before one of these Tamils becomes so enraged that they consider making REAL headlines?

Neo Conservative said...

well, neil... you know what they say about publicity... "if it bleeds, it leads."*

Brian said...

The LTTE (Tamil Tiger) sympathizers who are behind the protests are not tone deaf ... they are DESPERATE.

The LTTE is about to be eliminated in Sri Lanka by the Sri Lanka military , who have been funded and supplied with weapons from China which in turn gets a naval base in Sri Lanka.

From all independent reports the LTTE are holding Tamil civilians as human shields , and sending children as old as 12 to the front with a rifle and a cyanide capsule. If the parents object the LTTE shots the parents.

The protests in Canada are primarily aimed at the Conservative government because it has labeled the LTTE a terrorist organization and subsequently choked the flow of an estimated $180 million to the LTTE which was primarily used to buy weapons.

What the LTTE sympathizers expect to gain from protest in Canada is a bit of a mystery. The Chinese want the naval base and the Sri Lanka government wants to exterminate the LTTE .

... perhaps the LTTE should be protesting in front of the Chinese Embassy?

If the LTTE really wants to stop the violence then it should surrender ... PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

... perhaps the LTTE should be protesting in front of the Chinese Embassy?Well, that'll happen when PETA protests against Hells Angels, and not fur-wearing grannies. They're desperate, not stupid.

Just read that Tamil protesters ransacked the Sri Lankan embassy in Norway while the copes, naturally, did nothing. That'll teach the Norwegians to try to help out.

What more do they want Canada to do? The UN is in full court press mode, i.e., doing nothing. We've already sent the Scandinavians AND Bob Rae.

And Sri Lankans best friends are Iran, India, Libya, Russia, Pakistan and Vietnam. Maybe the UN's "human rights" section can take it up in the next meeting, as this seems to be a full quorum.


Neo Conservative said...

maybe iggy should send noted "champion of the underdog" ruby dhalla on a two month long "fact finding" tour of sri lanka... you know, kill two birds with one stone... before nannygate fries his ass completely.


alexb said...

Could it be time for tear gas and rubber bullets ?
Look, most of the people at these so called protests were not even alive when this whole debacle started and are not even aware of the steps Canada and other countries have taken to help resolve the situation.
It did not start last week,it was 25 years ago.

So get the F...k off our streets

Anonymous said...

That's part of the problem: this is like pulling off a band-aid. Do you do it fast, or slow?

Another 25 years of low(er) level warfare would bring about the same numbers of deaths. But it would make the lefties feel better about themselves about trying to talk things out.

Neo Conservative said...

sorry, alex... as in the gardiner expressway incident, no police countermeasures will be allowed.

much like the taliban and the tamil tigers themselves... the protesters have cunningly stuck their children directly in the line of fire.

besides... premier mcslippery just came out with a statement of support (main post updated) for the gathering mob.

hey, don't look at me... i didn't vote for him.


Anonymous said...

alexb The time for tear gas and rubber bullets was the first time . Why should we care about their children and women when they don't??

ian said...

If you they can not bring out the fire hoses they should use the same tactics employed by the G20 security forces which is to stop them leaving, keep them there for 5 or 6 hours after they decide to leave and see how keen they are to protest.
Make them sign off on an understanding that they are breaking the law and that the water hoses will be out the next time, then whose fault will it be.

Neo Conservative said...

ian... you're kidding, right?

homegrown terrorists shut down caledonia, ontario three years ago... and absolutely nothing has been done to date.

the fact is, my friend... in dalton mcguinty's socialist paradise... there is no such thing as a "bad boy".


Anonymous said...

When people break the law and the government does nothing it encourages more people to break the law. The people of Toronto thought it was fine when it happened in Caledonia. It has now been going on for three years and they have still done nothing.

More people in Ontario are comming to the same conclusion.
The rule of law in Ontario is a joke.

Anonymous said...

How much longer do we have to endure the terrorists brandishing their outlawed symbols and flags before the authorities finally step in and clean house?

As one of my neighbours in Toronto, a long time ago, would say: put those people on a boat back to the old country -- with a hole in it and no bucket.

Neo Conservative said...

which would be murder... right?

the thing is, werner... i'm the last person in the world to defend the tamil tigers... but how about you offer up some sensible commentary instead of dumbass internet hyperbole a la "liberal supporter"?


Brian said...

Interesting comment post with the National Post article.


" ...

by Sinhaya64
May 13 2009
12:04 AM

First they came on a boat, pleading for your help!

Canada, you opened your arms, taking them in as refugees!

Next they sold you on their fake sob stories of oppression.

Out of guilt, you believed them & wanting to help them, their families.

You asked them to come, and they came in loads with lot of help.

From 90% of their staff infiltrated the Canadian embassy in Colombo.

When the Liberals came to power, they saw the potential voters.

So they opened the flood gates, making way for 1000s of terrorists.

All the while they kept killing Sri Lankans, bombs, suicide bombs!

They killed their own who didn't listen to them, who wanted peace.

They even killed Indian Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi for not supporting.

But Canada continued to pamper their new found pet "tiger cubs".

They grew in numbers, infiltrated your politicians and media outlets.

Sri Lankans in Canada & all over watched in pain, but no protests!

Then 9/11 happened, world banned LTTE, but yet not in Canada!

Quietly LTTE changed their spots, a ceasefire with help from Norway.

Yet they collected funds from their diaspora as RCMP & CSIS warned.

Liberals paid no attention, even attended their fund raisers.

All this time we Sri Lankans around the world watched in pain!

Then came Stephen Harper, with promises to ban them and he did!

RCMP shut down their front WTM for funding terrorists.

Still they continued their story, gaining sympathy, collecting arms.

All this time we Sri Lankans around the world watched in horror!

With new leadership in Sri Lanka, came new hope & new beginnings!

They launched a fight against terrorism just like US, and their allies.

World didn't pay attention, because they didn't think they could.

But the brave Sri Lankan forces kept on winning, where others lost.

We Sri Lankans watched & hoped for the day terrorism was no more.

Still there were no protests in Canada, No LTTE flags no blockages.

Not until their leader had to pack up and leave his fortified bunker.

Now hiding behind women & children he cries, help me diaspora!

The Liberals shed crocodile tears, hoping for votes and more votes.

They start protesting, first a small parade, then a huge rally.

Media loves an underdog, a sad story even if it's about a terrorist.

So they change their tune to Genocide, start yelling more.

Out comes the Terrorist flag, they are now more than just a diaspora.

Next they held hands, take over the hill, slowly getting louder & bigger.

Sri Lanka Forces rescued 100,000 hostages, as the world watched.

Yet they paraded in London, Toronto asking for a ceasefire?

All the while we Sri Lankans collected funds to help their kith & kin.

The world watched as they cried, all the time under a terrorist flag.

They starved a bit, jumped off bridges, & even burnt themselves to death

Yet no attention, no sympathy, so they up their anti to make your life hard.

First they block a street for days, chanting & drumming all night.

Canada better listen.. they threaten, just as they did in Sri Lanka.

They want what they want, no matter what & how they get it.

They know your patience & tolerance, which they can count on.

So they take over a highway, with women & children in front.

Canadians are angry, yet they watch & wondering what we do.

What now they ask, as we Sri Lankans watched quietly.

We told you so Canada, that the tiger you nursed is no more a cub.

It's snarling it's teeth at it's master, because it has no master!

We lived with this animal, watched it grow, kill our people.

It killed it's own big & small, we told you so, yet you didn't listen.

They use children in war, & now in the front lines of the protests.

We know this animal better than anyone, as it ravaged our villagers.

Yet you listened to the animal, not to the villagers who faced its wrath.

Now you wonder what's next, which we can predict, but will you listen?

Look to their past we say, as it will lead you to what they could do.

They want more of your attention, more & more till you can do no more!

First comes the threats, which some have already heard here & on streets.

Next are the hardships which too some of you have faced, even in traffic.

Start with your streets, then the highway, what's left is easy to ponder.

Finally the terror, of small and large, suicide or parcel bombs.

Sri Lanka had trains they bombed, you have subways to consider.

They bombed our only Air Port and Canada has more than one.

They killed Sri Lankans who supported them, you have the LIberals.

You can see where this leads to Canada, as we know you are smart.

It's time you act and did something to protect your Canada.

Soon the LTTE will be no more in Sri Lanka, peace will reign.

The terrorist leader killed & others already safely in other lands.

That is you Canada as you have nurtured them in your land.

We Sri Lankans could sit and watch as it's our problem no more.

Yet we won't, as we care for you, your country as our own.

So Canada listen to us, when we ask you to stand up & protect.

LTTE spread hatred and violence, anger among teenagers.

They poison their own children, Canada's future generation.

Protect Canada from the Tamil Tiger Terrorists & sympathizers.

We can only hope, that you listen to us this time O' Canada!