22 May 2009

Henry VI, 4.2.59

"The first thing we do... is hang all the lawyers."

UPDATE: Bias, what media bias?
It was fortuitous that I included the full text of the original article here in the comments. Apparently the Red Star has disappeared the original article that refers to McClintic's lawyer's comments about "helping Tori's family."
Funny how that works, huh?


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Why is it, the fuzzy-bunny socialists always calling for legalisation of drugs?

You've got drugs... you've got scummers.



Neo Conservative said...

[full text follows]

Tori accused aids search
Cathal Kelly Staff Reporter

GUELPH – The lawyer for one of the accused abductors of Tori Stafford says her client wants Stafford's family to understand that she is trying to return their daughter's body to them.

"I know (Terry-Lynne McClintic) wants them to know that she is doing everything in her power to assist the police in bringing Tori home and I know that that's very important to her," lawyer Jeanine LeRoy said this morning. "It's important to her that they know that."

For the third consecutive day, McClintic will be in the Fergus area trying to lead police to eight-year-old Tori's body. The search has been frustrated by McClintic's memory and the change of seasons — from wintry snow to balmy warmth - since the body was dumped, approximately six weeks ago.

"She did indicate that the weather changes and the foliage changes are making (the search) tougher," said LeRoy.

That would seem to indicate that Stafford's body was dumped very shortly after the alleged date of her killing, which police contend was on April 8th, the day she was abducted.

Stafford's mother, Tara McDonald, lashed out at McClintic, 18, and her co-accused Michael Rafferty, 28, in an interview yesterday with the London Free Press.

"All I know is my daughter's not coming home. I want the killers dead," McDonald said.

LeRoy has spoken to McClintic a number of times since agreeing to take her case.

"I spoke to her later (Wednesday) evening and again yesterday morning spent over an hour talking to her and she was very emotional in those conversations," LeRoy said. "This morning she was feeling much better and looking forward to the day, was happy with the extension of the (judge's order permitting her to assist in the search) in order to continue to try to help."

McClintic has yet to spend any time in jail since she was charged. She is being held each night in a cell at the Oxford Community Police station in downtown Woodstock, and shuttled up to the Fergus search area each morning.

An initial judge's order that allowed her release until last night has now been extended until Sunday evening.

At this point, LeRoy said she has not discussed a defence strategy with her client. Asked if McClintic's aid in the search is not a tacit admission of guilt, LeRoy would not comment. She did say that McClintic offered to help police before she retained counsel, and was not offered any consideration of her legal predicament in return.

LeRoy also said that it is too early to say if she plans to petition the court for a venue change out of Woodstock, where feeling against McClintic and Rafferty is running high.

"I can't imagine any parent not understanding the outrage that surrounds this case, but it's too early to make those kinds of decisions," LeRoy said.

Meanwhile, the search enters its third day, still centering on a farmer's field about five kilometres south of Fergus.

Anonymous said...

Too bad that this piece of scum didn't think about the parents when she and her troll of an accomplice were murdering this little girl. I would assume her lawyer suggested this "heart-felt" ploy as a scam to get this cretin the same type of wrist-slap that Homolka received.
Old Shakespeare had it right.

Anonymous said...

LeRoy said. "This morning she was feeling much better and looking forward to the day, was happy with the extension of the (judge's order permitting her to assist in the search) in order to continue to try to help."

"Feeling much better"
"looking forward to the day",
Not exactly emotions most people are hoping this person is feeling right now.
How about:
"willing to accept blame"

How long will it be before Tori's family and friends are feeling happy and looking forward to the day?

Neo Conservative said...

unlike a lot of people reading this... i actually lived in woodstock for a number of years. it's a small community, but, like many places, has a darker underbelly as well... a welfare hell known as "dogpatch".

the thing is, the msm chooses to skirt around this type of thing... like tori's mom being a junkie (which may account for her often erratic behaviour)... or the boyfriend having a criminal history.

the point here, is not to point fingers... but to underline that... you live a life on the fringes of criminality and unacceptable behaviour... you increase the risk to you and yours.

the other thing... the lawyer attempting to whitewash her client's behaviour... is simply reprehensible.

i truly wonder how she and her shyster ilk sleeps at night.


langmann said...

I'm still waiting for her "Homolka defence" to come out later...

Anonymous said...

Even though the jury is still out on how the cops handled this case I have to admire them. The restraint they show when dealing with these child killers is amazing.
Some might be tempted to get the order of "Freeze-Police-Don't Move" mixed up with 'BANG'.

ddt said...

Perhaps the lawyer can pass on to her client that I'm very sorry Canada no longer has an official hangman that could drop her to hell at the end of a rope.

Neo Conservative said...

there's plenty of blame to hand out here, but the cops did the best they could, with what they had.

tara mcdonald, with her obfuscation, bizarre behaviour and pronouncements had even her own family thinking she was somehow involved.

but that's what junkies do...

Ms. McDonald was on at least one occasion seen by some of her relatives grinding up Oxycontin and snorting it, then emerging for
her daily “one o'clock,” as she called the news conferences, to, among other things, deny that she had any connection to drugs or that drug debts could be at the root of her daughter's disappearance.

“I believe Ms. McClintic may be familiar to Tara,” was all he said, but The Globe has learned the connection may be through the women's common drug use.

Ms. McDonald is a former (former?) Oxycontin addict who recently, after the daily press conference it had become her custom to hold during the long days of her daughter's disappearance, was asked about and confessed her drug problem to a reporter from the London Free Press.

Ms. McClintic, whose desperately troubled background renders Ms. McDonald's difficult life a picture of Beaver Cleaver-like bliss by comparison, is also believed to be an Oxycontin user.


Anonymous said...

Today Tara McDonald claimed she only met McClintic twice and never talked to her.

I have a friend from Macteir who knew the McDonalds and Terry-Lynne McClintic from when she lived in Woodstock, and she says that Terry-Lynne and Tara McDonald were friends. She also said that Terry-Lynne's mother Carol is a whack job drunk.

I know this sounds kind of 'gossipy' but the way the parents conducted regular briefings with the press are just weird, and they seemed to lack emotion when talking extensively with the press which is strange. I feel for them for their loss but don't believe the mother is being honest.

Neo Conservative said...

read the link in my comment above. even tori's father was recording conversations with tara mcdonald for the cops.

tara's increasingly bizarre behaviour and obvious lies about drug use had everyone looking at her. her sometime criminal boyfriend also has connections to the suspects.

the actual relationship will come out at trial. whether it bears on why this little girl was kidnapped and murdered remains to be seen.


Neo Conservative said...


more on mcclintic's mactier connection.

just another reason to take all the crackheads and put them in a secure facility... on baffin island.


Anonymous said...

This is so true, Tara Mcdonald is the one that led people to believe she was involved as well as her current partner James. Soon the world will know the truth because the FAT LADY hasn't sung yet. Its not over yet. We all need to be patient :)