23 May 2009

In other "Tales of Transformative Justice"

Mayor's office, yet again, strangely silent... on which scout troop, er... gun club... he belonged to.

-- TORONTO -- A 13-year-old boy was found with a loaded handgun in Toronto's northwest end, police said this morning. The boy was being investigated as part of a shooting investigation in the Jane St. and Falstaff Ave. area, south of Wilson Ave., when cops found the gun around 6:45 p.m. yesterday, Toronto Police said in a news release.

He was charged with unauthorized possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm knowing its possession is unauthorized, possession of a prohibitedfirearm with ammunition and carrying a concealed weapon.
Of course, under the Young Offenders Act... he was home before bedtime.


RELATED: A disturbing culture of violence

Inside the low-income building and on surrounding streets, police continued to probe the latest, and perhaps most disturbing, blast of gun violence in the 12 Division patrol area.

So far this year, eight of Toronto's 20 homicides, including four shooting deaths in the past month, have taken place there.


Anonymous said...

Rough neighbourhood, I don't live too far from there either. I'm told that the ganger/bangers like the 13 year olds for organized 'hits.' They are juveniles and get less time and still come out to be used again. A ritual hit' means you earn your allegiance to the gang, part of the dues you pay. Here once again we have silence from the MSM on what is really going on. (real conservative)

Neo Conservative said...

well... it's actually the leftwing social engineers and the msm that perpetuates the legacy of victimhood & entitlement in these places.

i mean, you've just gotta love the media code words here... "low-income building" = multi-generational taxpayer funded welfare housing.

a burgeoning culture of violence and entitlement... and guess who gets all the blame?


Philanthropist said...

It's their culture, why even bother investigating?

No one cares if they kill each other, all good liberals accept these killings as the price they're willing to pay to protect that culture, it is when they kill people from other cultures that they should be hunted down and face capital punishment.

kursk said...

Seeing that it mainly one culture supplying all the corpses in this neck of the woods..(and elsewhere) perhaps we should stop all immigration from Jamaica, period.

Neo Conservative said...

hmmm, kursk... i guess you could try that argument out on, say... general colin powell.

how is "all jamaicans are murderers" any different from "all cops are racists"?

call me crazy... but let's just go after "all criminals"... regardless of their ethnicity, or place of birth.

that work for everybody?


Josephine said...

Works for me, Neo.

Red and yellow, black and white
If you deal drugs you are shite
Killers come from every country in the world...

Neo Conservative said...

i'm still trying to figure out the whole deal about magically turning aboriginal.

do you really have to kill someone before you get to pull the ol' switcheroo?

and if it works for craig munro... it oughta work for anybody.


Josephine said...

I guess if Islam can be a race, then aboriginal can be a religion.