26 May 2009

Sometimes it's better to be lucky...

...than good...

The proprietor of a Caribbean restaurant on Morningside Ave. near Lawrence had just finished preparing some jerk chicken outside in anticipation of the dinner rush. He came back into his diner when the hair on the back of his neck stood up.

He heard a clicking sound, like the one made when someone cocks a gun.

As he turned around, he got the shock of his life - a man was standing behind him pointing a weapon straight at him. Without waiting for him to pull the trigger, the owner raced out of the building and into the convenience store next door.
And this one gets better... the shooter chases the guy into the store next door and throws a shot. Said master criminal then jumps into his nearby car.
But this drama was far from over. An observant witness got the licence plate of the fleeing car and cops quickly traced it to an apartment building at 90 Mornelle Ct. After a waiting game of several hours, they finally took their suspect into custody.

Reports from the scene indicate he didn't go quietly.
Thank goodness most of these guys are such morons.

One for the good guys.



Philanthropist said...

It's always better to be lucky than good!

Anonymous said...

Just another Jamaican shoot-out in Toronto. Another great multiculturism success story.

Neo Conservative said...

hmmm... haven't heard a thing about the shooter being jamaican.

you know this... or you're simply assuming here?