28 May 2009

Norks v. World

This oughta be interesting...

On Thursday, the South Korea-U.S. combined forces command increased the surveillance to level 2 from the present level 3, Defense Ministry spokesman Won Tae-jae said.

He said that was the highest level since 2006, when the North conducted its first-ever nuclear test.

The North has long warned it would consider the South's participation in the U.S.-led Proliferation Security Initiative as a declaration of war against North Korea.


Philanthropist said...

North Korea said they're walking away from the 1953 truce agreement as well, that hasn't gotten much attention and hopefully it's just added bluster.

Neo Conservative said...

all the norks have going for them is plenty of cannon fodder, er... warm bodies under arms.

and the chinese will sit this one out... which is what messed things up last time around.

anyway... nothing american carrier air-power couldn't swiftly chew to pieces if push comes to shove.