26 May 2009

What part of...

...40 billion dollar deficit does Michael Ignatieff not understand?

It’s a generous nanny-state concept. Work just eight weeks anywhere in Canada and, if terminated, the Liberals want you to collect unemployment benefits for up to 50 weeks.

Graduating students with a summer job that contributes to Employment Insurance, rejoice. Start work after exams, finish in the spring and by Labour Day, 360 work hours later, you qualify for pogey.

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"Brit public rebels against EU taxes and control. Yo, Cousins. Been there, done that."

"We can tell you how, but it involves firearms."
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LAST WORD: More Fiberal faux outrage
The big problem for the Liberals is that the Tory ads, while exaggerated, are largely true: Mr. Ignatieff left the country, more or less permanently, in the 1970s, lived away most of his adult life and showed no intention of returning until he was seduced back by the idea of becoming Liberal leader in 2005.

Here's where the Liberals are their most hypocritical about the Tories' ads: Imagine their reaction if it were Mr. Harper who had spent 34 years outside the country, moved back only to take a shot at being PM, said the only thing he missed while away was a provincial park and referred to himself as an American many times.


Philanthropist said...

Liberals are the biggest crooks when it comes to EI funds. Corrupt Liberals used EI politically when they were in power, and now they want to use it to regain power.

Workers should have to be at their jobs for at least one year full-time before they qualify for EI regardless of where they live, seasonal workers should not be entitled to it, especially when they can earn more than the average Canadian for a few days or weeks of work.

Better yet - employment 'insurance' should be operated like an insurance program, workers can pay premiums based on how likely they are to lose their jobs.

Neo Conservative said...

thank goodness iggy has finally returned to canada.

somebody has to stand up and say... "this is what canada really stands for." --