20 May 2009

Yet another running gunbattle...

...in Toronto... must be Wednesday...

Two men are in hospital following a shooting in North York Tuesday night.

Police were called to the north end of Wendell Ave., just south of Highway 401 near Weston Rd., around 10:30 p.m.

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A 15-year-old girl lured from her group home, provided with fake identification and forced to serve up sex in a Mississauga strip club is likely one of several girls victimized by area pimps, say Peel Regional Police.

LAST WORD: Crispy critters - must be Thursday...
A man is in hospital with severe burns after being set on fire during a dispute at a home in the city's west end yesterday.

The victim was involved in a "disagreement" with another man around 8 p.m. at 20 Jasper Ave., near Weston Rd. and Black Creek Dr., Toronto Police said.

The other man allegedly doused the victim with gasoline and then lit him on fire.


Philanthropist said...

Pimps are culturally protected.

Neo Conservative said...

to be fair... it's not just pimps.

in dalton mcslippery's fuzzy-bunny socialist paradise... apparently there's no such thing as a bad boy.