17 December 2008

Talking down to Canadians

Anybody who actually buys into the premise that the Big Three auto companies are just gonna suddenly disappear... isn't smart enough to leave home and work unsupervised... never mind hand out stupid-ass soundbites to the credulous socialist media.
Just don't try tell that to fiberal Economic Development Minister Michael Bryant.

Unfortunately, this sort of shameless manipulation... which deserves instant and unrelenting derision... is instead elevated to the level of serious discourse.

Hey, Michael... can I play?

"If your mother had wheels... she'd be a truck."


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"Bryant is one of the biggest sideshows in McGuinty's government - and that takes some doing."

"I wonder where he'll be demoted to next?"


Beast said...

If his mother had wheels, his daddy would have been in another province. And he still wouldn't know his name.

Anonymous said...

Having proved himself impotent and silly in Caledonia, mikey finds something he's good at - throwing taxpayers' money down a black hole and acting a hero while doing it. Interesting note about the idea of job guarantees - analysts point out these insolvent companies need to be losing jobs, not saving them.

syncrodox said...


I caught Michael Bryant's presser on CTV and couldn't help but laugh. He kept repeating that the auto sector is to Ontario as the fisheries are/were to the Maratimes and the oilsands are to Alberta.

Now if I remember correctly his federal liebral brethren let the atlantic fishery die due to inaction on foreign fleets and the little professor ran the last election on a carbon tax policy that would have shut down the oilpatch.

Funny how fiscal policy changes when the center of the universe is affected.

Maybe they should consider expropriation/nationalization of the big three kinda like PET did in 1980 ala Petro Canada.

That worked out real well in the west.


Neo Conservative said...

it was just such a ridiculous premise to begin with... but that didn't stop the msm from jumping on board.

here... i've got another one.

"if we don't pay out obscenely criminal salaries and pensions to mpp's... queens park will sit there, dark and empty and we'll descend into anarchy".

see how that works?


Anonymous said...

The media clamoring for the bailout also make a large chunk of their advertising revenue from the car ads.

Rose said...

The Glob and Spew spits out liberal propaganda daily, I do believe the economist they quoted works for GM?

I guess the liberal dominated media has replaced their daily hysteria over Global Warming with hysteria over "Economic Meltdown".

I hate that paper as much as it hates Harper.

Caveat said...

Gee, 'ticking time bombs' (domestic dogs) don't sound so bad now....Bryant is one of the biggest sideshows in McGuinty's government - and that takes some doing.

I wonder where he'll be demoted to next?

Caveat said...

PS He's from Victoria, I wish he'd go back there.

Anonymous said...

No one is mentioning the huge inventory that the Big 3 are sitting on.
Just drive by any car lot and calculate it's worth.
Why are we not getting huge inventory reduction sales to help these guys out of their so-called problem, instead of rewarding them for bad business management?
Isn't that accounting 101?