10 May 2009

Massive Liberal voting bloc...

...attempting to, yet again, shut down Toronto... and blackmail the Prime Minister...

7:30pm: A massive Tamil demonstration has closed traffic in both directions on Toronto's busy Gardiner Expressway. At approximately 6:50 pm this evening, protesters marched up the Spadina westbound on-ramp and spread out across the highway.

Police arrived on scene immediately, closed intersections and contained the demonstration.
It's a miracle that nobody was killed or maimed here.

Let's face it, folks... you don't have to be an FBI profiler to see that the Tamil Tiger constituency is escalating their, cough, cough... "protests". Which begs the question... "What else have they got in their bag of tricks?"

Let's not forget that the Tigers are the very same people who brought the world... "the suicide vest".

These are clearly desperate, fanatical individuals... and they're getting more-so daily. So, ask yourself, people... "What's on deck?"

A suicide bombing at the Yonge-Bloor subway exchange? Or, better yet, the House of Commons?

Nothing would surprise me anymore.


UPDATE: It's not just the Gardiner anymore...
Chief Blair expressed frustration at the difficulties faced by the police in finding a Tamil spokesman with whom to negotiate. "We are not getting much co-operation," he said.

The shutdown of the Gardiner quickly rippled across the entire city, as the Ontario Provincial Police, in a backup role to Toronto police, blocked off southbound access to the Don Valley Parkway into the city.
And it looks like they're actually holding people hostage...
Transit riders were also trapped: Three streetcars were pinned down by protesters at University and College; the Spadina streetcars were turned back at King Street; and there was reduced service along Queen's Quay.
No fear, though... it looks like "His Blondeness" is pulling out all the stops...
Mayor David Miller issued a statement last night calling for calm, urging the Tamil demonstrators "to peacefully relocate their protest to a safer location."
C'mon Mr Mayor... can you say "pretty please"?


UPDATE2: Iggy calls off the dogs... er, Tigers
Some Tamils said they decided to end their protest after Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff promised to take up the cause in the Commons.

Another Tamil protest near the Ontario legislature ended just before midnight, opening up University Avenue and College St.


Neo Conservative said...

[full article follows]

Tamil demonstration shuts down Toronto's Gardiner Expressway --
Posted: May 10, 2009, 7:24 PM by Brad Frenette
7:30pm: A massive Tamil demonstration has closed traffic in both directions on Toronto's busy Gardiner Expressway. At approximately 6:50 pm this evening, protesters marched up the Spadina westbound on-ramp and spread out across the highway. Police arrived on scene immediately, closed intersections and contained the demonstration.

7:40pm: No signs of slowing down. It looked like some people were heading back down the ramp, but it's back and forth pedestrian traffic. From ground level, I would estimate approximately 2000 or so demonstrators and 200 or so police.

8:00pm: This protest is a response to the news reported last night of the latest civilian deaths in Sri Lanka. Reportedly, the protest made a surprise turn from downtown towards the Gardiner earlier this evening.

8:05pm: Twitter responds. Presumably stuck in traffic, cnathler tweets: "Can't get to the airport because of the Tamil protest..."

8:10pm: Not much movement. Condo dwellers uploading pics.

8:20pm: The Post's Melissa Leong files this update:

Tamil protesters have made their way onto the Gardiner Expressway tonight, closing six-lanes of traffic in both directions and attracting a massive police contingent. Police put out a city-wide alert, calling for all available officers to the highway at Spadina Road. Some officers were reportedly hurt on the scene.
Two weeks ago, thousands of protesters began a five-day demonstration in front of the U.S. Consulate on University Avenue to draw attention to the on-going civil war in Sri Lanka. The protest, which shut down the thoroughfare between Dundas and Queen streets, was mostly peaceful; police arrested 15 people, charging them with mischief and breach of peace.
"There are minor inconveniences that are attached to any demonstration," Police Chief William Blair told media at the time. "The inconvenience of these demonstrations is a small price to pay to be such a diverse and international community."
Global News and National Post

8:30pm: It's getting dark now, and not much movement. We've been advised that the Gardiner will likely remain closed for the rest of the night.

8:35pm: The Post's Kenny Yum has uploaded a full set of recent images, including the one above, here.

9:58: Mayor's statement:

STATEMENT - Mayor David Miller

May 10, 2009 at 9:14 p.m.

In light of the protest on the Gardiner Expressway, Mayor David Miller is calling for calm and for Tamil demonstrators to peacefully relocate their protest to a safer location.

"Toronto's Tamil community is understandably concerned about what is happening to friends and family in Sri Lanka. They have an absolute right to make those concerns known and to protest. Endangering public safety by occupying the Gardiner or other public highways is not the right way to make that statement.

"Like all Torontonians, I want to see a peaceful end to the conflict in Sri Lanka and hope members of the international community, including the Federal Parliament, will use their influence to see that humanitarian aid flows to the affected area.

"I am confident the Toronto Police Service will ensure that public safety is preserved and protected."
Looks like His Blondeness is on board... no surprise there, huh?.


Anonymous said...

They should all be deported immediately. They've already abused our hospitality far too long.

Terrorist-sympathizers, go home!

Anonymous said...

What? Iggy is taking up the cause of a BANNED AND OUTLAWED CRIMINAL AND TERRORIST organization? Isn't that by itself a violation of the law?

Philanthropist said...

Tamils pay and elect Liberals, that's the only reason there are so many of them in Canada, so the Liberals could take a cut of the extortion rackets run by the Tigers in Canada.

The Liberal party benefits from the Tamil presence in Canada, but there is no benefit for Canada.

Tamils go home.

Neo Conservative said...

sorry, werner... you're what... proposing mass deportations?

you're actually talking about "rounding people up" like some third world dictatorship?


that's, well... insane.

how about we simply enforce the law of the land? or is that asking too much?

anyway... looks like we know which way iggy's gonna play this one... well, in the parallel universe where he's prime minister anyway...

"A spokesman for the protesters told TV station CP24 that Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff's deputy chief of staff has promised to bring up their concerns Monday in caucus about the civil war in their native Sri Lanka and the possibility of economic and diplomatic sanctions by Canada."*

Patsplace said...

And when the puffin fails, what the next stage in this escalating mess that has been imported by the Liberals for more votes. War? Bombings? Where does it go from here?

kursk said...

Werner has every right to feel frustrated, give him his head..!!

A little culling of the heard where necessary is never a bad idea, Neo..just say'in..

His frustration is but a sample of what tens of thousands of people are thinking, but not saying..you are a guest in my country, please respect that fact.If you can't , perhaps you need to find yourself another place to live.

Honey Pot said...

This is all good, the Tamil terrorist holding Miller and the liberal party hostage. Canadians get to see their weakness and inability to govern on a daily basis.

It will come to pass that the PM will have to call martial law after the Tamil Tigers start killing people to make their point. The blame for that can be laid directly at McSquinty and Miller's feet of clay.

ddt said...

A little tear gas would go a long way here.

Protest is one thing an unlawful assembly is what is going on.

Honey Pot said...

Do you see the picture they keep using of Iggy, with his fingers pointing at each side of his head?

I give Iggy six months to pack it in and head back to the USA

JA Goneaux said...

We hit the eastbound Gardiner at pretty much 7:30PM. Thanks to a quick check of the traffic, and some good backing up by my wife, we made it to Lakeshore. I had my camera, but didn't really get any useable pics.

And I wore out my finger...

Strangely, the subway car I was in this morning didn't have a single SE Asian. Not a one. And I get on at Woodbine, near Scarborough, and it is usually packed, with a sizable contingent of what I am now certain are Tamils. Very strange.

Yes, the suicide "option" has definitely been on my mind. Not bombs, maybe, but something symbolic. Depends on how long the hunger strike goes on, I guess.

As for using kids in protests like this: it isn't a stretch from using child soldiers to bravely standing behind teenage girls...

Neo Conservative said...

"Typical Toronto. We call in the army to clear snow, but we can't get a few thousand scofflaws off a highway."*

Anonymous said...

Neo, my solution is the more humane one, as opposed to simply tossing them off the Gardiner and down onto hard and unforgiving concrete.

wilson said...

Can anyone name me one time Iffy HAS NOT caved under pressure?

Neo Conservative said...

oh, werner, werner... despite all the disingenuous wailing from cc and dawg... i guess i'm just not a "final solution" kind of guy.

rounding people up en masse... or throwing them off a high place to their deaths... again... not on my agenda.

sorry... gonna have to stick with rule of law here.


Neo Conservative said...

wilson... i think the trouble with iggy (and the tamils) is that they assumes everybody is in synch with their world view...

the tamils blew this one bigtime...

"If they thought that the protest would help gain Canada's sympathy, they have some learning to do. If anything, they likely guaranteed the police and the public have less tolerance than ever for a community that seems to have no sense of Canadian values, and no particular interest in the rights of anyone but themselves."*

Anonymous said...

Neo Conservative: Canada is slowly becoming a third world dictatorship because of the types of people we are importing. 1% of our population (2% if the NDP would have their way) arrives from the third world every year. We would do well to start deporting them en masse. It's only going to get worse.

Neo Conservative said...

sorry, guys... you're off base here.

my parents were immigrants. the problem isn't immigration... it's pandering to every tom, dick and omar who feels he has the right to impose his old culture on his new neighbours.

let's also remember that not all tamils are onside with this shit.

talk of mass deportations... a la nazi germany, is not the answer.

if someone is here illegally, by all means kick his ass outta the country.

your over the top rhetoric only serves to give ammo to the the socialists... who want to label all conservatives as crazies.

please do that somewhere else.


Anonymous said...

One of my parents is an immigrant too. However, he is a white Christian immigrant from England, the country that founded Canada. There is a massive difference between immigration from founding stock countries (read:Europe, especially Great Britain), and immigration from the third world.

In order to accommodate the latter, we have to water down the fundamental definition of "Canadian" to mean anyone from any corner of the world who holds a Canadian passport. That is not exactly a great way to foster national unity, and I would argue that people who support this are the real crazies, not conservatives.

Neo Conservative said...

again, nonny... you're out to lunch here. this blog is most decidedly not about race or skin pigmentation.

it's about culture... more specifically, the all too pervasive culture of mindless violence and abandonment of personal responsibility currently plaguing this land.

note further that i deal in specifics... whether that's a tamil shutting down a highway, or a scottish soccer hooligan mindlessly beating on a rival team supporter.

there is no ""all tamils", just as there is no "all cops".

so, again... take your white supremacist ranting & raving somewhere else... it is not welcome here.


mahmood said...

Good work on this thread neo.

Anonymous said...

Neo, I'd argue that my idea of mass deportation is in fact in line with the rule of the law.

Look: you have all those people belong to or provide support for a criminal and terrorist organization -- in the pictures taken on the Gardiner, they, again, flashed the flags and banners of that odious organization.

So, in short, they're all in breach of the law and should therefore be deported (like all foreign criminals should be, and pronto!).

P.S. CC can whine and wail as much he wants; it doesn't change the fact that he is just a psychopath with a penchant for the criminal. He'll get what he deserves, eventually. Don't waste your time with that subhuman existence. He is scum, like those "protesters".

Anonymous said...

Who's ranting and raving? We're just having a discussion here.

The fact of the matter is that these people who engage in this "pervasive culture of mindless violence and abandonment of personal responsibility currently plaguing this land" are almost exclusively third world immigrants. Believe me, if it were ethnic Swedes moving here and putting their multiple wives on welfare and beheading their daughters for dating outside their ethnicity, I'd be the first to suggest they be deported. But it's not. Nor is it English immigrants who are responsible for Toronto's shooting problems. We have enough problems in Canada with native crime and crimes perpetrated by our own white underclass (no beheadings as of yet, though). We don't need to import more criminals.

You are correct to say that we're all individuals. But we're also a part of larger groups, which tend to average out. Some groups are smarter, some are dumber, more aggressive and therefore more prone to criminality. Some fit into the dominant culture, and some require us to alter that culture beyond recognition in order to shoehorn them in.

At a certain point, an honest person would say "the problems caused by this group as far as tax dollars consumed and crimes committed outweighs any good that their productive contingent brings to this country".

Neo Conservative said...

sorry, nonny... apparently you are willing to condemn whole peoples based on their not belonging to your own white, christian culture.

simply separating people along racial lines is nonsensical and is totally repugnant to me.

there is a huge difference between ascribing characteristics to anyone based on racial attributes versus culture... which is learned behaviour.

please peddle your simplistic, ignorant theories somewhere else.


Anonymous said...

"apparently you are willing to condemn whole peoples based on their not belonging to your own white, christian culture."

I'm saying that a white, Christian country is not obligated to take them in and in fact has a responsibility to keep them out if they contain a sizeable minority who are a threat to public safety.

"simply separating people along racial lines is nonsensical "


"and is totally repugnant to me."

Not pertinent to the debate.

"there is a huge difference between ascribing characteristics to anyone based on racial attributes versus culture... which is learned behaviour."

Once again, culture and race intersect at many points. We're not going to be seeing any Tamil Beethovens anytime soon. But say we are all equal and culture can be learned. It's not Canada's duty to civilise immigrants, and they probably find your paternalism to be insulting.

"please peddle your simplistic, ignorant theories somewhere else"

What are you, 5? Are you capable of having a discussion without insulting people? I'm just trying to expand your worldview here.