17 April 2007

What's really frightening is...

You know it's gotta be even worse than they're admitting...

Large parts of China's longest river, the Yangtze, have been irreversibly polluted, state media quotes a report as saying.

A huge reservoir created by the Three Gorges Dam - the world's largest hydro-power project - had also been seriously polluted with pesticides, fertilisers and sewage from passenger boats.
Where's an eco-freak when you need one?

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Anonymous said...

China is in the vanguard of progressive nations, like Mugabe's Zimbabwe. What they do wrong is less wrong than if some other country did it. In order to promote the anti-Western agenda, we use our Greenshirt tactics only to bash down the West.

Swift said...

David Suzuki is saving the headwaters of four major rivers in Tibet to protect downstream areas from pollution.

Neo Conservative said...

david suzuki gives a bad name to shameless, self-promoting hacks.


Ti-Guy said...

Where's an eco-freak when you need one?

Nowhere near you, obviously. As you already know, they don't particularly care for noxious emissions and toxic waste dumps...like The Blogging Tories.


Neo Conservative said...

better stick to trolling in the shallow end.

"At Monday, April 02, 2007 8:43:00 AM, Ti-Guy said…

well, i have i have admit to trolling. no, not this blog! i have a few fright-winger faves i visit regularly, and my comments do tend to drip with my trademark sarcasm. and i can be relentless in my pursuit.

you want me to dig up all the misogynistic spew as well?

"Titless wonder talks about lactating. Get off the stage, skank."
Posted by: Ti-Guy at June 17, 2006 09:37 AM"

you really think this is clever?

might be an idea to get out of your parent's basement once in a while.


Ti-Guy said...

You're so ignorant...I was quoting another commenter in that first bit...that's why it was in italics.

As for the second...whoa...Stalk much? In any case, you can't embarrass me with that. I'm proud of calling that titless wonder a skank. And I've called her much, much worse.

Neo Conservative said...

"Ti-Guy said... you can't embarrass me with that. I'm proud of calling that titless wonder a skank."

a little hypocritical and inconsistent, i'd say...

"Ti-Guy said... One thing you should start doing is documenting the hate-filled, misogynist and homophobic commentary on the blogs participating in this campaign. I went over to AGWN just now and frankly, I was appalled. Bev Oda and Mauril BĂ©langer need to be made aware of what is fundamentally motivating this.
8/25/2006 11:40 AM

what? don't tell me...

"that's not fair".


syncrodox said...


I see the ti-it is still about along with a few of the other sensically challenged.

Ain't the heart and soul of the progressive left something to behold?


Neo Conservative said...

"syncrodox said... I see the ti-it is still about"

the guy uses this ti-ti profile, not to blog, but to run around the blogosphere calling people names...

it's actually pretty funny... he thinks because he can annoy some thin-skinned people, he's some sort of anti-hero.

he's some anonymous, faded version of bobcat goldthwaite... and he's deluded himself that he's accomplishing something.

maybe it's just mcclelland or canadian cynic running around trying to get more attention... but nevertheless, it's pretty pathetic.