27 April 2007

If I had a billion dollars

Lemme see... if I had a billion dollars in my hot little hands and I was truly interested in preventing suffering and saving human life, would I...

    (a)... blow it all on a huge database and associated computer infrastructure to track rifles owned by farmers, deer hunters and gun collectors

    (b)... hire more cops, or...

    (C)... drop it all into cancer research
Well, right at the moment, this one seems like a bit of a no-brainer.
-- OTTAWA -- A new report predicts the number of deaths attributable to cancer may soon surpass those caused by cardiovascular diseases.

Cardiovascular diseases were responsible for 47 per cent of deaths in Canada in 1979; by 2004, this percentage had declined to 32.

The opposite has occurred with cancer, Canada's second main cause of death: Cancer was responsible for 23 per cent of deaths in 1979; by 2004, this share had increased to 30 per cent.
Oh yeah, just for interests sake... the actual figure, carefully buried by successive Fiberal Prime Ministers... is probably a lot closer to two billion.

Think about that.


27 Apr 23:30 - CTV managed to crank out this same article tonight, without mentioning the two billion dollars the Fiberals flushed down the toilet.

Funny, I can still hear echoes of Lib cabinet ministers when they were caught with their financial pants down, back when they first got this stinker rolling... "Well, if it saves only one life..."

Guess what, you arrogant sons-of-bitches... it didn't.

And the 3 in 10 Canadians who will die of some type of cancer, from this point onward... should spit in your smug, self-serving collective faces.

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Anonymous said...


2 billion dollars down the toilet.

Could be another 200 Leopard 2's
Some MUCH need helicopters for the armed forces
Finally getting the subs into service

or any number of other things, like you say, Cancer research, Energy Research, More CSIS/RCMP agents watching our less reputable immigrants and citizens, giving the customs agents some pistols and equipment.

Heck. TAX reduction.

That's a couple of hundred dollars per actual tax payer.

Feh. Remind me again why this boondoggle hasn't been binned?

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... Remind me again why this boondoggle hasn't been binned?"

say what you will about the fiberals, they have a special talent for herding the sheeple.