15 July 2009

Darwin Awards - Dusseldorf

A German who tried to fix his leaky air mattress blew up his apartment instead, the fire brigade in the western city of Dusseldorf said on Wednesday.

The 45-year-old man used tire repair solvent to plug a hole in his airbed and left it overnight.

But it blew up when he went to inflate it the next day. “A spark from the electric air pump ignited it,” a fire brigade spokesman said.

Fire fighters evacuated the 12-apartment building and a neighbouring housing block while they checked for structural damage.


Cranky or Just A Crank said...

In order to qualify for the Darwins, don't you have to kill yourself and thereby remove yourself from the gene pool?

kursk said...

I don't know about a Darwin in this case..the theory was sound, perhaps the application was a tad too much?

Neo Conservative said...

a lot like the genius who was using a 12 volt pump to steal gas at a u-haul outlet recently.

pump sparked... and voila... one crispy critter.

solvent + spark = pyrotechnics.