07 May 2009

Whaddaya mean, Brenda?

We're ALL saying it, you dumb lowlife...

"I'm actively searching for employment but I find that because a lot of things have been written about me, I find the doors closed quite a bit," she said in a telephone interview.

"Nobody says it, but I feel it."


hunter said...

Why don't the Liberals hire her, I hear Ruby is looking for nannies.

alexb said...

"after a brief stint in telemarketing"
I hope Fenris B. has an eye on this up and comer !

Neo Conservative said...

just another lifelong burden on ontario taxpayers.

live & don't learn... that's us.


mahmood said...

"she's slowly(reeeeal slooow) adapting back to life in Canada"

yup, I betcha she was a crackerjack before misfortune fell upon her...yeeesh.

Bec said...

Send her to the offices of, Dan McTeague and Paul Dewar.
They made her feel worthy of being more than a criminal, let THEM continue her, transformation.
ps, on THEIR dime....