08 May 2009

It seems it's not enough to have...

...indentured servants... some folks just want it all...

-- OTTAWA -- Ruby Dhalla's mother requires a live-in caregiver but that doesn't appear to have stopped her from travelling the world with her Liberal MP daughter.

And according to the rules for hiring foreign live-in caregivers, she doesn't have to be house bound or incapacitated to qualify for the federal program. In fact, there are no medical criteria at all.
And, in true Liberal fashion, it looks like Mrs. Dhalla senior feels she's "entitled to her entitlements"...
Dhalla, 35, has declared her mother, Tavinder, as her "designated traveller," according to House of Commons records. A designated traveller is entitled to use some or all of an MP's 64 annual travel points, which allow them to fly free in Canada or abroad.
The good life... courtesy of the Canadian taxpayer... yet again.


All of the allegations aside, why is a well paid MP and a doctor brother, with multiple chiropractic clinics, using a government program and being cheap cheap cheap to boot?


syncrodox said...


I'm sure Ruby will be forthcoming with receipts for the "caregivers" travel expenses when Ruby and Mom jetsetted around...or were they back home caring for the hardwood and porcelain?


robins111 said...

She seemed ready to go all Ninja on those reporters asses in the media scrum.

Annnd her lawyer is a twit.

Neo Conservative said...

"They told the Minister of Labour in the province of Ontario the most outrageous stories of mistreatment, clear violations of the Employment Standards Act," contends NDP MPP Peter Kormos.

"What did the Minister of Labour do? He gave them a brochure with an 800 number. The number was not operating. Shameful, shameful, shameful. He should have ensured his investigators began an investigation immediately."

Fonseca, like Dhalla, has denied any wrongdoing but is so far unable to explain what may have happened.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

At the very least, Ruby is causing her boss some big trouble.

Rule #1 is to never make yourself the story.

Either somebody is lying or her family was involved in some um, indiscretions. Either way, it's not looking good for her.

Neo Conservative said...

joanne... it also looks like "nannygate" is sucking the life outta iggy's honeymoon period with the electorate... as the newly crowned "puffin king".

i don't imagine the iggo-maniac is too happy about that particular aspect of this burgeoning p.r. nightmare.


wilson said...

All of the allegations aside,

why is a well paid MP and a doctor brother, with multiple chiropractic clinics,
using a government program,
and being cheap cheap cheap to boot?

Neo Conservative said...

oh my gawd... it's a freakin' knuckle-draggin' neocon conspiracy.

damn... we're good.


Anonymous said...

They are trying to pin this on the Conservatives and it's starting to get play.
CBC is completely on board with Don Newman and his panel of unbiased Liberal journalists (Don Martin among them) agreeing that the timing was a surprise bonus to the Conservatives and seemed a little too convenient.
It was like watching a Saturday Night Live Church Lady skit.
Tom Clark called a Liberal MP on it when she mentioned the unusual timing of the accusation coming so conveniently (there's that word again) right after the Liberal leadership convention while they were riding high in the polls.
He asked if she was accusing anybody in particular and she wouldn't say anything further except to move her head to the side that the Conservative MP was sitting on.
Tom Clark should have asked her if she was accusing the Ontario Liberals of anything because they're the ones that sat on the story for two weeks, well before the Liberal leadership convention.
Or maybe he could have asked if she was accusing the Toronto Star for releasing the information the day after the Liberal leadership convention while the Liberals were riding high in the polls?

Philanthropist said...

Liberal media all seem to believe that Conservatives are just so damn good that they can control any event, anywhere, anytime - I do have a lot more respect for Conservatives of course, but I don't think they can walk on water.

ddt said...

Quote: "why is a well paid MP and a doctor brother, with multiple chiropractic clinics,
using a government program,
and being cheap cheap cheap to boot?"

She's entitled to her entitlements.

maryT said...

If anyone is behind this I say it is liberals who are upset at the crowning of their leader, without benefit of election to anything.
The liberals are not united. Maybe the Bloc are trying to smear the man in Quebec, as they are the ones who could lose seats.
Someone will photoshop a pic of one of the nannies at some meeting where a conservative is and that will be their proof.
If they can have questions re a letter KHS wrote, how about a handwritting expert examine the documentation the lawyer waved around. I want to see that document, examine the spelling and grammar, then give the nannies a spelling and grammar test.
If it is proper english and grammar my bet is it was dictated to them.

Anonymous said...

maryT...oh no no!
It's the CPC that are disgruntled with PMSH...

dontcha know?
The MSM told me so!

Thucydides said...

Well the CPC is just amazing, since this also has the potential to do serious damage to the Provincial Liberal government in Ontario as well.

Anyone up for a bank shot to take out Danny Williams at the same time with this scandal?

The MSM will ignore the reams of video of Ms Ruby in action and pretend that isn't any indication of the real person being accused. I doubt any real follow up of the nannies will ever happen since the revelations will upend "the narrative" and keep attention away from such new Liberal Party initiatives as a carbon tax and universal child care...