17 May 2009

IRB back in the news

-- CALGARY -- The release of a double-murderer onto city streets occurred despite the contention of the federal government that the convicted killer should remain in custody, immigration officials said yesterday.

Elvir Pobric, who escaped a Bosnian prison more than 10 years ago and hid as a fugitive in Canada, was released last week, days after his detention review hearing was closed to the public.

The fact Immigration and Refugee Board adjudicator Lee Ann King made the decision to release Pobric pending another hearing, without offering any reasons, has left politicians and police asking questions.
Hang on a sec... the IRB?

That sounds so familiar.

But c'mon now... what are we dealing with here...
Pobric was sentenced to 20 years in a Bosnian prison following the April 1992 murders of two men. After shooting them execution-style, Pobric burned and buried the bodies and a car in a garbage dump.He was arrested two days later.

In November 1996, he escaped from jail. Pobric claimed refugee status when he arrived in Canada in 1999.

An outstanding fraud charge against Pobric has to be dealt with before officials with Canada Border Services Agency can find him inadmissible.

But Canadians will not learn how immigration officials will deal with him. Removals are reported to the public only after the removal has taken place.

Oh Canada.


FROM THE COMMENTS: Oh... my... gawd...
"At his detention hearing, his Vancouver-based interpreter introduced herself over the speaker phone and said she was fluent in both Bosnian and Serbian.

“'Can you tell me your name?,' asked Pobric, clad in a blue jumpsuit and handcuffed. “'I’m sorry, I don’t like to have a translator who have a Boza first name OK?

"That’s a Serbian name."

"The case was adjourned until Tuesday in order to find a Bosnian interpreter and to give the media time to make an application that the case be opened to the public."

God forbid they should be insensitive to this murderer's religious and ethnic sensibilities.


Werner Patels said...

I gave my opinion on this stupidity yesterday.

Anonymous said...

The board members of the IRB are the one's who should be serving the 20 years.

Philanthropist said...

The first duty of government is to protect the citizenry, we allow our government to fail at our peril. Media, and subsequently politicians, are easily fascinated by the 'hard luck' stories of thieves and murderers, these stories appeal to the 'soccer mom' crowd and the result is that more victims are created.

Neo Conservative said...

anyone who has ever had children, knows what happens if you are foolish enough to reward bad behaviour.

i just don't get it.


Josephine said...
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Josephine said...
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Josephine said...

Sorry for the deletions. I'm trying to post a link but it's not working and my nic doesn't seem to link to anything.

Did you see the info re. his veto power over the ethnicity of his translator:


Neo Conservative said...

jo... email me & i'll show you how to post inline links in comments.