27 May 2009

I'm from the Government...

...I'm here to save you...

After catching him, Mr. Chen said he and his employees tied the man up and put him in a delivery truck, intending to hold him until police arrived. But someone else called 911 first.

Mr. Chen said he spent 24 hours in a holding cell at 52 Division, paid $7,500 bail, and that the suspected shoplifter – also charged – got out of custody before he did.
So where do you draw the line here? Obviously the cops can't be everywhere.

Is this kidnapping... or simply protecting you and yours?

Sounds like the local merchants have made their decision...
Nearby shopkeepers fed up with thieves are rallying to his defence, saying police are too slow to respond when called about shoplifters and often let them off with a warning.

“We hope police can protect us and keep out businesses running,” Mr. Chen said in an interview. “Now, they are … on the criminals' side, not our side.”

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Toronto police have released a photo of a man wanted for allegedly shooting a gun in a Scarborough strip mall in the middle of the day.

Police have issued an arrest warrant for Timothy White, 19, of Toronto. He is wanted for discharging a firearm endangering life, careless use of a firearm, using a weapon dangerous threatening public peace and possession of a restricted firearm with ammunition.


Anonymous said...

The police are nothing more than crooks with tin badges.
They only serve and protect their self interest and retirement benefits.
Here in Windsor it seems there is a police officer in trouble with the law: abduction, unlawful confinement,breaking and entering, theft, smuggling, tampering with evidence, perjury, etc.........
We the taxpayers foot their bill for legal defense while they are suspended with full pay.
What ever happened with citizen's arrest?

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny screeches... The police are nothing more than crooks with tin badges." --

please take this sort of moronic pronouncement somewhere else... you're simply embarrassing yourself.


Rural and Right said...

I'm sure Timothy White shares the same anti-police sentiment as your personal troll 'nonny'. Strangely enough with that name I was sure that 'Timoty White' might have been one of those bad boys from the country that drive down to Toronto with hunting firearms and cause fear and chaos in Hogtown. However after I read the warrent, I must say that my assumptions were strangely wrong once again.

Neo Conservative said...

the fact is... and i know people don't like to acknowledge this... you, and only you are responsible for the safety of you and yours.

you can call for the police and pray they get there in time... but they just hit cleanup.

in that moment, you are the guy facing the pitch.

remember, this is the big one... try not to choke.


Kai said...

In the case of Mr. Chen, he is hooped. It is my understanding that the thief was encountered a day after he was seen shoplifting. Under the criminal code you are empowered to effect a citizen's arrest if you witness a crime, and the offender NEVER leaves your immediate site between the time the offence was commited, and the time you effect the arrest.

Mr. Chen apparently saw the critter a day later, got into a confrontation, and with the aid of family members hauled them into their van. Passersby merely witnessed more than one man laying a beat down on another. Honestly, the cops had no choice but to arrest Chen, as he had no legal authority to apprehend and detain the dirtbag.

Neo Conservative said...

yup, sadly kai... i agree with your read here.

unfortunately, a lot of the time, we have a legal system... not a justice system.

in a perfect world, bad people would be punished. but, it's never that simple, is it?